Christmas Decorations in London 2023 – The Most Instagrammable!

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It’s timeee! Mariah Carey is completely defrosted and belting out All I Want For Christmas – hurrah! London is one of my favourite places on earth for Christmas decorations. We have OTT displays, twinkling street lights, modern flashy trees, traditional bells and baubles. We have it all! From the iconic angels on Regent Street to the  beautiful sparkly hot air balloon outside Cartier, we’ve got a favourite festive place for everyone. They are ALL Instagrammable, but here’s my absolute faves this year. They do tend to re-use Christmas decorations each year (or just update them) so you can see my finished 2022 Instagrammable Places at Christmas here.

Covent Garden, London

YES Covent Garden has gone so extra this year! There’s lots of cute places for photos. First up you have Santa’s Sleigh which is perfectly positioned in front of a bunch of Christmas trees. And just for good measure, there’s a bunch of humongous gold bells and red shiny baubles hanging over Covent Garden. Imagine the setting is just perfect for your family Christmas cards! Hee hee! If that isn’t enough, you’ll also find a gorgeous semi-circle of Christmas trees underneath a Christmas wreath. There’s also a cute red mini parked around the side. And not to mention their lovely Christmas tree in the main square. Covent Garden is always mad busy, so go early or on a weekday if you can.


Covent Garden Christmas Sleigh 2023


Christmas Trees at Covent Garden London 2023

Cartier Christmas Decorations 2023, Bond Street, London

This year Cartier has a hot air balloon outside to update this SUPER famous store on New Bond Street. I think I am the ONLY girl in London who has failed to get a GOOD Christmas photo outside Cartier. And I have worked at it, I’ve been there early, I’ve been patient. But there always seems to be a damned crane or a bright orange delivery truck outside. Harumph. Anyway, it is stunning, and you just have to get a bit lucky with your weather / traffic / people  combo. The red and gold are always really striking and the store sits across from Ralph Lauren ensuring it is the number one festive destination for Instagram fans. The red sparkly hot air balloon sits among sparkly clouds – so luxe!


Cartier Bond Street Christmas 2023


Cartier Christmas Decorations

Fortnum & Mason, London, Christmas 2023

How beautiful is Fortnum & Mason? Oh my goodness I could just move in! As for Christmas 2022, they’ve used the same advent calendar theme for 2023 with numbers on their windows which makes it SO Instagrammable, it really is the DREAM. It is utterly stunning and I love the 2023 that sits on the side of the building. Outside each door you have pink and purple bauble archways to welcome you in. Inside, you’ve got a little festive magic with dancing Christmas Puddings descending from the ceiling to do a little dance. It is always such an iconic location, go go go!

Christmas In London 2023 Fortnum And Mason1

Christmas In London 2023 Fortnum And Mason


Fortnum & Mason Advent Calendar 2023


Fortnum & Mason Christmas Puddings


Fortnum & Mason Door

Churchill Arms, Kensington London for Christmas 2023

Churchill Arms is a festive favourite for good reason, it simple is the most Instagrammable pub in London! This old fashioned style boozer on Kensington Church Street gets STACKS of Christmas trees added to the outside which have LOADS of twinkling lights on them. You’ll also find a little Letter Box to Santa and Ho Ho Ho signs. It is a spectacle worth travelling for.


Churchill Arms, Kensington Christmas 2023

Dior, New Bond Street, London Christmas 2023

Oh I adore Dior. This year their New Bond Street boutique has been decorated with a beautiful giant butterfly and lots of little butterflies around it. This store is stunning, but not the easiest to photograph as the decorations are super high up. I tried my best – it was very busy! But it is absolutely dreamy and if I could be a Christmas decoration, I would be this one!


Dior Bond Street



Gucci, Bond Street, London

Speaking of Bond Street stores, there’s also a spectacular display at Gucci this year with their signature horse-bit shape on white and blue presents which decorate the building.

Gucci Bond Street

Gucci Bond Street

Annabel’s Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London

Oh la la! You can never put Annabel’s in the corner! It is the most incredible hot air balloon decoration which takes up the whole building. This square is mad busy with traffic so be CAREFUL taking photos. You’ll need patience and luck to pull this off but look for an angle in between cars. This snap was around 3.30pm as the sun started to set and the lights came on!

Christmas In London 2023 Annabels Hot Air Balloon

Christmas In London 2023 Annabels Hot Air Balloon

Neill Strain Florist, Christmas Decorations

Wow I must say, Neill Strain is always an absolutely stunning location all year round, you’ll see from my previous visits for Valentine’s Day and Halloween decor too. I particularly like the colour schemes used by this luxury florist, here you’ll see a candy canes and pink colours finished off with a big red bow. Delicious.

Neill Strain Christmas Decor in London 2023

Neill Strain Christmas Decor in London 2023

Somerset House

If you’re interested in going ice skating (sadly I’m not, imagine Bambi on ice), then Somerset House is the ONE. Within the courtyard of this historic building, you’ll find the bright white ice rink and super tall 40 ft Christmas Tree. It looks very similar every year, this year decorated by Swiss International Air Lines


Somerset House Christmas 2023

Somerset House

Somerset House

Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park, London 2023

Winter Wonderland just gets bigger and better every year! And every year you’ll see the famous celebs and their families enjoying the park on the VIP evening. Take my advice and look for the free tickets for free entry and go when it is quieter if you can. This way you can avoid the queues and get around the park easily. Peak times now have an entry fee and it is best to book in advance. There are SO many rides, food stalls, drinks stands, ice skating and even a Bavarian Village. For Instagram friendly vibes, head to the Elan Cafe stand for a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows in a pink festive cup. A season of sweetness!


Winter Wonderland 2023

Valentino Tree, Harrods – the Pink Christmas Tree

For cute and Instagrammable, this Barbie pink inspired tree is ticking all the boxes with the perfect location (outside Harrods) and luscious pink baubles with twinkly lights! Super fun.


Valentino Pink Christmas Tree 2023

The Ritz

The Ritz is a Christmas classic and looks (the same) or very similar every year!

The Ritz Christmas London

The Ritz Christmas London

Christmas In London 2023 The Ritz

Christmas In London 2023 The Ritz

Burlington Arcade, London Christmas 2023

If you like a super luxe and simply gorgeous Christmas decorations, then Burlington Arcade is the one for you. You’ll find stunning festive greenery along this stunning designer arcade in Mayfair.


Burlington Arcade Christmas 2023


Burlington Arcade 2023

Chanel, Bond Street London

There’s two Chanel boutiques on Bond Street, and this one is decorated in the chicest supersize Chanel necklace with illuminated bows and pearls.

Chanel Bond Street Christmas 2023

Chanel Bond Street Christmas 2023

A little further down the Chanel jewellery store is just as stunning this Christmas. This is such a pretty store right near Cartier and I swear this Christmas store front was playing out festive music to shoppers! A Magical Night with Chanel is decorated with glowing golden stars.


Chanel Christmas 2023

Chanel, Selfridges

Hello new idea for a minimalist but VERY luxe Christmas tree! Next year I will be going full monochrome like this Selfridges Christmas Tree.

Chanel monochrome Christmas Tree

Chanel monochrome Christmas Tree

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren brings the traditional festive vibes to Bond Street with Christmassy red and green wreaths and decorations. It helps that there’s an iconic red phone box right outside the front and there’s always a beautiful Christmas tree too.


Ralph Lauren, Bond Street, London

Jack & Jessie

For festive corners, I adore John and Jessie florists with their decorative shop front. It is just near the Churchill Arms so you can tick both off in one go!


John & Jessie, Kensington

Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nicks were always so well known for their exceptional windows and beautiful decorations. This year the theme is a fairground and the Christmas trees either side of the door have purple, pink and green baubles.


Harvey Nichols

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