Instagrammable Places for Flowers in London

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Hi I’m Claire and my specialist subject is FLOWERS. From blossom to magnolia, from rose gardens to floral filled cafes, I’ve got all the best places in London. London’s got some seriously Insta-worthy spots when it comes to blooms. Whether you’re a flower fanatic or just looking for a cute backdrop, these are my favourites gathered from ten years of being a Londoner. As always do your research before you set off – flowers can bloom at different times depending on the typical British weather. And if it is an artificial display, they vary throughout the year too. Make sure you try and avoid super busy times if you can – early morning and late evening will always be the best!

Here’s my favourite Instagrammable Florists for Flowers in London

Wild at Heart, Notting Hill – The Turquoise Island

The insta-famous turquoise island in Notting Hill is a picturesque must-visit. You can go anytime of the year for beautiful blooms and THAT stunning turquoise backdrop. Always buy flowers before you take your snaps so that you support the business. You can also shop in the nearby luxury shops on Westbourne Grove. AND there’s beautiful magnolia trees nearby too which bloom in spring.

Instagrammable Places London Wild At Heart Notting Hill Florist2

Claire Etchell Nakedprgirl Marketing Pr Consultant London Notting Hill6 Copy

Wild at Heart Florist near Oxford Street, London

This second boutique is sure to be a fab place to visit all year round. This corner store is brand new and here you can see it all dressed up for Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Day at Wild At Heart in Mayfair 2024

Wild at Heart Florist at Liberty London

My final pick for Wild At Heart is their branch at Liberty London. The decadent flowers are set at the entrance to this historic store.


Liberty London Florist

Neill Strain, Florist, Belgravia

I’m always talking about Neill Strain in my Valentine’s blog and Christmas because the outside is usually decorated for the season. Plus the location is a touch quieter if you like your Instagram shots to be nice and calm.


Neill Strain 2023

Wild Things Flowers, Davies Street, London

Hello flower buckets! Ok all you need to know is flower buckets! These large metal buckets are filled with different colourful flowers every day. This is insane for shoefies and is dressed up all day every day!


Flower Bucket Wild Things Flowers

Goode Flowers, Charlotte Street

Goode Flowers is on on the hella cute Charlotte Street which is a hop and a skip away from the business of Oxford Street. It is often dressed up for the season and you can enjoy the many gorgeous cafes nearby.



Goode Flowers

Moyses Stevens, Elizabeth Street Belgravia and Pavilion Road Chelsea

This luxury florist has two branches I recommend in Belgravia and Chelsea. They are always looking spectacular but they peak during Chelsea Flower Show. They’re also responsible for plenty of the local displays during that week too.


Moyses Stevens Belgravia

Jack and Jessie

A little off the beaten track but seconds away from The Churchill Arms, this florist is in Kensington and has beautiful flowers all year round. It is just off Kensington Church Street so is a busy location.


John & Jessie, Kensington

Gardenia Florist Wimbledon Village

Wimbledon Village has all the luxe shops and cafes you can imagine. Spilling onto the street is a whole bunch of flowers. It is busy, but beautiful.


Gardenia Florist in Wimbledon Village


Gardenia Florist in Wimbledon Village


Gardenia Florist in Wimbledon Village

Instagrammable Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants in London

If you’re looking for Instagrammable pubs, cafes and restaurants, I have a whole blog dedicated to them! Here you’ll find the Instagrammmable eateries with flowers!

The Churchill Arms, Kensington Church Street – Flower Power

The Churchill Arms is a traditional English pub with a twist – it’s covered in flowers! With its floral exterior and cozy interiors, it’s the perfect spot for a pint and a photo. The flowers change all year round. For spring we have bright blooms and for the festive season Christmas trees are added to decorate the outside.


Churchill Arms on Kensington Church Street

Aubaine Restaurant Selfridges, Oxford Street

If you like this location for a photo, please go nice and early to make the most of the wisteria decorations. You’ll have the pick of the tables if you are there first thing! Breakfast is delicious and the wisteria creates a beautiful backdrop. You can hit Shoe Heaven afterwards.

Aubaine Selfridges Most Instagrammable Cafes And Restaurants London9

Aubaine Selfridges Most Instagrammable Cafes And Restaurants London9


Aubaine Selfridges

Elan Cafes – Pink Paradise – yep all of them!

Elan Cafes are known for their pink aesthetic, and each location has its own unique floral touches. Whether you’re at the Knightsbridge branch with its al fresco dining or the Oxford Circus branch with its floral walls, you’re sure to find the perfect backdrop for your Instagram photos.

Elan Cafe Knightsbridge Most Instagrammable Cafes And Restaurants London2

Elan Cafe Knightsbridge Most Instagrammable Cafes And Restaurants London

Elan Oxford Circus Most Instagrammable Cafes And Restaurants London8

Elan Oxford Circus Most Instagrammable Cafes And Restaurants London

Peggy Porschen Belgravia and Kings Road Chelsea

Ooh la la our pink favourite! I know it is on every single list but when it is good, it’s great! The Belgravia one is all cakes and hot drinks. They have a few indoor seats and a bunch outside too. The Kings Road one has a more extensive menu so you can enjoy lunch and brunch too. There decorations around the doorways are all year round.


Peggy Porschen, Belgravia, London


Peggy Porschen

Dalloway Terrace – Blooming Beauty

Dalloway Terrace is a floral oasis in the heart of London. With its seasonal floral installations and cosy atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot for a lunch, dinner or afternoon tea.

Winter at Dalloway Terrace

Winter at Dalloway Terrace


Halloween at Dalloway Terrace in London

The Ivy Chelsea Garden on King’s Road – Chic and Floral

The Ivy Chelsea Garden is a chic and stylish spot with its floral interiors and lush garden. Whether you’re dining in the conservatory or enjoying a cocktail on the terrace, you’re sure to find plenty of photo opportunities.

The Ivy Chelsea Garden Kings Road Most Instagrammable Cafes And Restaurants London14

The Ivy Chelsea Garden Kings Road Most Instagrammable Cafes And Restaurants London

Alto San Carlo, Rooftop at Selfridges, London – Floral Paradise

One for spring and summer, this restaurant has a floral walkway and a flower filled roof! Order a Instagrammable drink and enjoy lunch or dinner on the top of Selfridges.

Alto San Carlo Selfridges Most Instagrammable Restaurants Cafes London

Alto San Carlo Selfridges Most Instagrammable Restaurants Cafes London

Mr Foggs House of Botanicals Charlotte Street

This botanical-themed bar is a feast for the senses, with lush greenery and floral touches throughout. The bar’s unique cocktails and cozy atmosphere make it a must-visit for any flower enthusiast.


Mr Foggs

Petersham Nurseries in Richmond

Petersham Nurseries in Richmond is a floral paradise. With its stunning displays of flowers and plants, it’s the perfect spot for a leisurely stroll or a relaxing afternoon tea


Petersham Nurseries, Richmond

Instagrammable Gardens with Flowers

A lot of our beautiful parks in London are free including Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Richmond Park and Kensington Palace Gardens. There’s flowers from end of February all the way through to the changing colours of autumn leaves. Here’s my highlights.

The Hampstead Heath Pergola and Hill Garden – very Romeo and Juliet

The Hampstead Heath Pergola and Hill Garden is a hidden gem in North London. The pergola, with its climbing roses and wisteria, is a romantic and picturesque spot, and the hill garden offers stunning views. When I first went years ago, it was a proper hidden spot, but these days you might find it is busier. I recommend the summer months for peak rose season. It is free!

Hill Garden and Pergola in Hampstead Heath

Hill Garden and Pergola in Hampstead Heath (shot in 2016)



Hill Garden and Pergola in Hampstead Heath (shot in 2016)

Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath

I’m shouting this stunning location out for the Rhododendrons which are hugeeeee in the gardens of Kenwood House. It is bright pink and orange heavy and the shots you can get in May, are blooming marvellous! Also free 🙂

kenwood house garden most instagrammable places london

Kenwood House garden most Instagrammable places London

Kenwood House

My mum at Kenwood House

Kew Gardens Botanical Bliss The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew – A World of Flowers

Kew Gardens is a botanical paradise, and its collection of flowers is second to none. From the iconic Palm House to the serene Waterlily House, there’s no shortage of stunning backdrops for your floral photoshoot. With over 50,000 living plants, the gardens are a treasure trove of floral beauty. The entry price is around £16 and you can buy online to avoid the queues.

Highlights include:
Magnolia in Kew Gardens – One of the most stunning parts is the Magnolia collection which was in full bloom in late March last time I went.


Magnolia Trees in Kew Gardens

April is a good time to catch the Bluebell woods. May has the incredible Rhododendron Dell which is so vibrant. The rose gardens are beautiful in June and July.  For Lavender, this picture was taken in August.


The Isabella Plantation – A Hidden Gem

Tucked away in Richmond Park, the Isabella Plantation is a hidden gem. This woodland garden is a riot of colour in the spring, with azaleas, rhododendrons, and camellias in full bloom. The tranquil ponds and winding paths make for a peaceful and picturesque setting.


Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park


Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park


Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park


Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park

Kensington Palace Gardens, near Albert Hall and Sunken Garden

I’m gonna give you all the tea on Kensington Palace Gardens and the most Instagrammable spots.

Sunken Gardens Kensington Palace

Princes Diana’s fave and the place where Prince Harry and Meghan had their engagement photos. There’s leafy covered walkways, roses and plenty of colour.

Kensington Palace Gardens - Sunken Garden


The Sunken Garden

Wild Flower Garden at Kensington Palace

At the front of Kensington Palace in summer is a stunning wild flower garden full of poppies, campion, daisies, and native wild flowers. During the summer months it is like roaming about like you’re in Bridgerton! The garden is free to visit and just outside Kensington Palace.


Kensington Palace


Wild Flower Garden at Kensington Palace

Near Prince Albert Memorial

I love this floral walkway just near Prince Albert’s golden memorial which overlooks Royal Albert Hall. This is also where my favourite Cherry Blossom trees bloom in Spring, making it an Instagrammable hot spot.


Albert’s Memorial in Kensington Palace Gardens


Cherry Blossom in Kensington Palace Gardens

The Hope Campaign for The Royal Marsden

Blossom Trees in Kensington Palace Gardens


Magnolia at Kensington Palace Gardens

Queen Mary’s Rose Garden Regent’s Park – A Sea of Roses

The Regent’s Park Rose Garden is a sight to behold when the roses are in full bloom. With over 12,000 roses in 85 different varieties, the garden is a riot of color and fragrance. The central fountain and manicured lawns make for a stunning backdrop. Visit from June time to get the best of it. Just 20 mins from Oxford Circus is London’s biggest rose garden and free to visit.

Queen Mary Rose Garden Copy

Queen Mary Rose Garden

Instagrammable Flowers London28

Queen Mary’s Rose Garden, Regent’s Park

Holland Park – The Kyoto Garden – A Touch of Japan

Located in Holland Park, the Kyoto Garden is a serene oasis inspired by Japanese design. The garden’s cherry blossoms, koi ponds, and traditional teahouse make for a unique and Instagrammable experience. There’s always a gorgeous peacock roaming round too. Elsewhere in Holland Park, there’s manicured gardens, a giant chess set, vibrant tulips and stunning roses.


Kyoto Garden


Kyoyo Garden

Tulips at Victorian Embankment Gardens

I was SO surprised to find this garden by accident in May. These phenomenal flower beds are so summery and free to visit. It is a perfect place to go for a walk as this is located just next to the Thames.


Tulips at Embankment


Tulips at Embankment


Tulips at Embankment

Hampton Court Palace Gardens

A prime location for TV series Bridgerton, Hampton Court Palace requires a ticket for entry but it is worth it. In spring, the gardens bloom with daffodils but it is summer when it really bursts into colour. You’ll find exquisite gardens with fountains and ponds plus a horse and carriage on busy days.

Bridgerton Location Hampton Court Palace

Bridgerton Location Hampton Court Palace

Flower Filled Streets in London

Stanley Crescent, Notting Hill

The great tree on the corner of Stanley Crescent is best seen in early spring with the most beautiful blossom. It is a fleeting moment which changes every year, but if you can grab it, boy it is worth it! It is also stunning in autumn, with crisp leaves making it the most Instagrammable tree to drink a pumpkin spice latte underneath.

Instagrammable Places London Blossom Notting Hill Stanley Crescent

Instagrammable Places London Blossom Notting Hill Stanley Crescent

Wisteria in Kensington, Stafford Terrace

There’s a lot of lovely wisteria spots in London but this one is THE BEST. Flowering from the end of April, this corner gets a lot of sun so bring your shades as it can be a challenging shot! You can also leave a donation to the home owners if you’re shooting outside 🙂


Wisteria Kensington Stafford Terrace London

Brunswick Gardens and Palace Gardens Terrace

These beautiful streets are dream London streets. They’re wide with white buildings and in Spring, they’re filled with blossom.

Claire Etchell Nakedprgirl Kensington London Pr Marketing3

Pink Door with Wisteria Bedford Gardens and Sheffield Terrace, Kensington

In April time, this is an epic spot, combining wisteria and a pink door. Round the corner, there’s another whopping wisteria moment on Sheffield Terrace.


Wisteria in Kensingon


Wisteria in Kensington


Wisteria in Kensington

St Paul’s Cathedral

The beautiful and iconic St Paul’s Cathedral has manicured gardens around it which looking gorgeous in Spring. Featuring stunning Cherry Blossom trees, they look even more pretty than my pictures suggest! This was shot in mid-March and these seem to be relatively early bloomers.


Blossom at St Paul’s Cathedral in London

Elizabeth Street, Belgravia London

On this street there’s a lot of potential floral hot spots, including Peggy Porschen and Moyses Stevens which we’ve mentioned before. Keep an eye out for perfumery Les Senteurs and Joanna Wood interiors. This is also a great street to visit during Chelsea Flower Show as they celebrate Belgravia in Bloom.

Les Senteurs, Belgravia in Bloom 2023

Les Senteurs, Belgravia in Bloom 2023

Chelsea in Bloom and RHS The Chelsea Flower Show – Floral Extravaganza

The Chelsea Flower Show is a world-renowned event that showcases the best in horticulture and garden design. Held annually in May, the show is a feast for the senses, with breathtaking floral displays that are sure to wow your followers. If you missed out on a ticket, the shops and restaurants in Chelsea put on floral displays for the week, making it an Instagrammable hot spot!

Chelsea In Bloom

So there you have it, folks. London’s got some seriously Instagrammable flower spots, from bustling markets to tranquil gardens, and even some chic cafes and pubs. So grab your camera, head out, and let the floral fun begin!



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