Welcome to NakedPRGirl where my aim is to demystify the world of marketing to help your business succeed. I specialise in creating engaging content that starts with Instagram but can be repurposed for Social Media, PR, Newsletters & Blogs.

Hi Friends!

Want to get your Instagram cracking?

If you’re struggling with Instagram and finding it hard, don’t worry I’m here to help.

I’m here for entrepreneurs, small businesses, creatives, freelancers and marketing teams who want to build their confidence, transform their Instagram and make sales from social media.

I know how to help because I’ve been in your shoes. I practice what I preach and test everything I know on my own Instagram.

I’ve used this powerful knowledge and proven experience to help clients to fulfil their Insta-potential using modern marketing methods.

Together we can take creative control and actually enjoy social media!

Meet the founder


Claire Etchell 

I’m Claire, a London based PR and Marketing Consultant with over 15 years experience with luxury brands.

Find out more about my background and why I started NakedPRGirl as a consultancy, a blog and a resource and education centre.


Services Nakedprgirl

I’m right for you if you believe in:

  • Quality over quantity
  • Engagement rather than followers
  • Posted is better than perfect
  • Gridvolution – evolving your grid over time
  • Planning to remove panic
  • Content is King, creativity is Queen and innovation can move in any direction

And if this is your aim:

  • To go from Instagram confusion to Instagram strategy to Instagram action to Instagram driven results
  • To build an honest, heartfelt brand for humans (not robots!)
  • To get the confidence to tell your story
  • To transform into a thought leader in your industry

So as your fairy godmother of marketing, your Edina Monsoon of PR or your Samantha Jones of social media, it’s time to make a change.

Work With Me

Downloadable Guides

Check out my FREE downloadable guides:

2022 Calendar

Free 2022 Marketing Calendar

Free Instagram Live Briefing Sheet

Free Press Release Template

Free Press Release Template

Free Guide to Personal Branding on Instagram

Free Guide Personal Branding

Free Instagram Live Briefing Sheet

NakedPRGirl Consultancy Services

  • 15 minute chemistry call: Free – to discuss your business and current challenges.
  • 1 Hour Consultancy Zoom: £160 – book a structured discussion about Instagram, working with the seasonal calendar and content in your business.
  • 2 Hour Consultancy Zoom: £350 – let’s work together on maximising content for your business so you can action to include follow up notes (get a discount for block booking).
  • Full Day Strategy Review : £1000 – we can meet on Zoom or in person to review your previous content and suggest new content, new ways of working and improvements to include follow up notes.
Services Consultancy Nakedprgirl2
Services Agency Nakedprgirl

NakedPRGirl Agency Services

One off Services

  • Strategy for PR, Content and Social Media : £3000 – document to be prepared and presented.
  • Planning for the PR, Content and Social Media : £1000 – with timeline and recommendations to take the strategy forward.

Marketing Support (ongoing)

Includes – Social media scheduling and content creation, Newsletter & Blogs. PR – media list build and press releases.

  • NakedPRGirl Start Up Plan : From £520 to £1,560 – Support One to Three days per month – recommended for new businesses who can take care of some of the admin in house.
  • NakedPRGirl On My Way Plan : From £1,560 to £2,600 – Support Three to Five days per month – recommended as soon as businesses start to be established.
  • NakedPRGirl All In Plan : From £2,600 to £4,160 – Support Six to Eight days per month – recommended for business with an established brand or budget to support the level of activity it will produce.


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