Welcome to NakedPRGirl where my aim is to demystify the world of marketing to help your business succeed. Let’s take your Instagram from random to strategic, from stressful to organised, from pointless to evaluated, so that you can work smarter not harder.

Hi Friends!

Want to get your Instagram cracking?

If you’re struggling with Instagram and finding it hard, don’t worry I’m here to help.

I’m here for entrepreneurs, small businesses, creatives, freelancers and marketing teams who want to build their confidence, transform their Instagram and make sales from social media.

I know how to help because I’ve been in your shoes. I practice what I preach and test everything I know on my own Instagram.

I’ve used this powerful knowledge and proven experience to help clients to fulfil their Insta-potential using modern marketing methods.

Together we can take creative control and actually enjoy social media!

This if got you:

  • If you want to get your Instagram or digital marketing cracking
  • If you’re struggling with Instagram and you wake up in the morning panicking about what to post.
  • If you post randomly but would like a strategy. 
  • If you’re confused about Reels and where they fit in your strategy
  • If you’re not sure how to produce the great content that your competitors do
  • If you have a phone full of content but no idea what to do with it
  • If you have a phone full of notes but no time to turn them into content
  • If you find Canva, Reels, InShot confusing and overwhelming

Meet the founder


Claire Etchell 

Hello, I’m Claire Etchell. I’ve been working in fashion and lifestyle marketing for 20 years.

I specialised in traditional Public Relations for 15 years of that time, working with the media to land double page spreads in national magazines.

In the last 5 years, I made the conscious move into digital content. Storytelling is still at the heart of what I do but the methods are modern. I utilise video content and specialise in Instagram strategy.

Find out more about my background and why I started NakedPRGirl as a consultancy, a blog and a resource and education centre.


Services Nakedprgirl

I’m right for you if you believe in:

  • Quality over quantity
  • Engagement rather than followers
  • Posted is better than perfect
  • Gridvolution – evolving your grid over time
  • Planning to remove panic
  • Content is King, creativity is Queen and innovation can move in any direction

And if this is your aim:

  • To go from Instagram confusion to Instagram strategy to Instagram action to Instagram driven results
  • To build an honest, heartfelt brand for humans (not robots!)
  • To get the confidence to tell your story
  • To transform into a thought leader in your industry

I’ll demystify this ever-changing landscape and give you all the tools to produce great content that connects with your audience. I’ll help you embrace modern marketing, keeping it simple and enabling that much-needed transformation.

Work With Me

Downloadable Guides

Check out my FREE downloadable guides:

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Free Press Release Template

Free Guide to Personal Branding on Instagram

Free Guide Personal Branding

Free Instagram Live Briefing Sheet

NakedPRGirl Strategy

Services 1

  • Unless you have a solid Instagram strategy, then your channel is just a collection of ‘stuff’
  • For your new strategy, I’ll bring together my knowledge of the ‘gram with your personal brand
  • It will be filled with deep insights and actionable steps you can take forward
  • This is the foundation of your Instagram and will be delivered to you in a PDF format with clear action points. We’ll also have an hour via Zoom to chat through and answer any questions.
Services Nakedprgirl 4

NakedPRGirl Consultancy

Services 3

  • Marketing is ongoing. You’ll never be ‘finished’ and you’ll be constantly tweaking.
  • The more you learn, the more you’ll grow and require a different level of support
  • To assist you, we can book in a power hour to check in. A solid hour over Zoom to work on any area you need to.
  • It might be you like a monthly check in just to talk through ideas, or perhaps you have drafted your content calendar for the month and want a second opinion. Sounds good right?
Services Nakedprgirl 3

NakedPRGirl Free Call

A little extra

  • We can have a free 15 minute chemistry call to discuss your marketing and current challenges.
Services Consultancy Nakedprgirl2

NakedPRGirl Action

Services 2

  • The strategy is only one part of the picture, the next bit is to action it. You may be able to action this yourself, or you may like a little help.
  • My favourite way is to spend half a day together (in person or remotely) setting you up
  • You can split the four hours up however you wish but I recommend setting up a basic marketing calendar, centralising your content (so it is easier to find), picking your scheduling platform and starting to draft those posts.
  • I’ll leave you with everything we work on so you can carry on where we left off (hurrah!)
  • This process can be repeated three month, six months or each year
Services Agency Nakedprgirl

NakedPRGirl Reels Masterclass

Services 4

  • We all know video is essential. By embracing it, it can be fun and (relatively) easy.
  • Think of video as just another way to tell your story.
    We’ll go through the principles of telling that story in video format and how to edit together simple Reels inside the app
  • Plus there will be a bonus on how to use InShot for more advanced Reels
  • Reels are ever evolving but you can apply the principles to any trending audio
  • Keep practicing, it is the best way to get better as filming and editing video
  • I have a proven method that I’ll teach you in an hour’s presentation using the tips and tricks you’ll need.
  • Afterwards, you’ll get a link to the presentation and also a cheat sheet to all the shortcuts I’ve found.


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