How to Create a Rainbow Easter Bookcase for Spring

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Spring is just around the corner and so I have been thinking about creative content for spring. Whether that is fashion, interiors or lifestyle, spring is full of blooming flowers, brighter colours and tasty snacks. Easter is a time for renewal, so what better way to celebrate than by transforming your bookcase into a whimsical Easter egg wonderland?

Inspired by the changing seasons and the countdown to Easter, I decided to transform my rainbow bookcase to a delightful Easter-themed display complete with Lindt Bunnies and LOADS of flowers. I have to say, this is a super cute bookcase and I love the bright shades mixed with pastel colours. Finishing off, I accessorised with a pair of bunny ears and even my little black cat decided to get in on the action! She is defo not an Insta-cat so I think this will be the first and the last time she poses perfectly in a photo!


Easter Bookcase

The Inspiration for my Rainbow Easter Bookcase

After successfully creating a rainbow bookcase last September I fell in love with the love with styling my bookcase inspired by each season.

Last month, I made a heart-shaped bookcase for Valentine’s Day so I was decided to continue my creative journey in March. The idea of an Easter egg-shaped bookcase filled with flowers and chocolate eggs seemed like the perfect way to welcome spring.


Corners of perfection

The Process for Creating My Rainbow Easter Bookcase

Here’s a little step by step for if you’d like to copy my colourful spring bookcase:

1 – Choosing the Right Canvas – the Ikea Billy Bookcase

I started with a Billy Bookcase from Ikea, a versatile and blank canvas. You can either work with the books on the shelves or take them all off and start again. I started with the books on the shelves, but usually find I have to take them off in the end! You do you.

2 – Creating the Egg Shaped Bookcase

To create the egg shape, I began at the top and worked my way down, using the colours of the rainbow as my guide. Starting with red, I carefully arranged the books to form the outline of an egg.


Flowers make me so happy!

3 – Filling the Shape – All Booked Up

In the centre of the egg, I stacked the books to the top of the shelf, creating a full and rounded shape. On the edges, I played with the sizes of the books, going from larger to smaller to maintain the egg-like appearance.


White Lindt Bunny for the win

4 – Adding Flowers – Real and Fake

To bring the Easter theme to life, I incorporated a mix of real and fake flowers. I used to buy lots from Wilkinson’s – I miss that shop! I had a mixture of garlands, bunches and flowers in vases too. I used peonies, daisies, roses, and daffodils to add pops of colour and freshness to the display. The flowers surrounded the egg shape and added a little spring to the bookcase. I wanted it to be super full and fanciful!


Cadbury’s Caramel are my faves!

5 – Finishing Touches to the Egg Shaped Bookcase

To finish off the look, I added some Easter treats including Lindt Bunnies, Cadbury’s Creme Eggs and Caramel Eggs (my fave). Adding a pretty vintage feel were decorative eggs covered in Liberty fabrics created by my friend Sassigraphy – you can shop here.


Made by my friend Sassigraphy

The Result of my Easter and Spring Bookcase

The final result… Was a charming Easter egg bookcase! I think it could look MORE like an egg, or I could have made it into a different Easter shape. For example I could have tried a bunny or a chick shape with my books. But overall, it captures the spirit of the season. The pastel colours, the abundance of flowers, and the sweet treats literally make me SO HAPPY.


The finished Easter Bookcase for Spring

The Experience of my Easter Bookcase – How Long Did It Take

This was WAY easier than my heart shaped bookcase – probably due to the super simple shape. The bookcase took me about 4 hours including faffing about with photos. I think it also helped that my shape was already similar to the heart shaped so maybe I skipped some of the hard work.

Finally, I already owned a bunch of props and bunny ears so everything was from my archive. Although I did purchase the chocolate decorations for £10 (sadly have already been eaten!)

And that is it! Let me know what you think! I’m wearing tulle skirt by Needle & Thread and patent pointed rockstud shoes by Valentino. Bunny Ears are optional but encouraged!!!


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