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The word ‘content’ is thrown around so much these days it has practically lost meaning. So here is how I explain it – content is your story – your words, images and videos. Content starts at the marketing strategy and once you have a plan for the year, you can build your content on top of it.

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Content supports your marketing strategy, ensuring it is right for your brand, shareable, using the right keywords and interesting! It is important to as yourself ‘WHO CARES?’ when you’re writing/shooting and creating a piece of work.


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For clients, I research your market, your customer, your SEO keywords and positioning, helping you to build a calendar and strategy to lead your Marketing team or work with external agencies. I’ve worked with luxury brands in London and the UK including designer fashion in womenswear and menswear and also childrenswear, restaurant chains and interiors.


Your content strategy should support your business and marketing plan


Working with the right influencers can help to reach the perfect audience


Content can support your brand story with shareable blogs, images and videos


Brand or influencer collaborations are key to growing in new markets with new customers

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