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Marketing is your key to success and all starts from having a solid strategy encompassing all your business aims. If you don’t know your business aims, well my friend, you need a business plan. As much as planning might feel like flapping around and not enough action, it is the only way you will build a solid, sustainable business.

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 If you’re researching Consultants – you’re probably sick of hearing the same old things…I am here to provide the stripped back version…naked if you will! Think of Marketing as a rather fancy umbrella under which all your other functions of PR, Social Media, Events, Branding and Advertising sit. Don’t have a Marketing strategy? Then your Social Media is probably flailing about. No Marketing calendar? Then your PR team will be running rogue attacking seasonal events with mis-guided press releases.


What I Can Do For You

For clients, I research your market, your customer, your SEO keywords and positioning, helping you to build a calendar and strategy to lead your Marketing team or work with external agencies. I’ve worked with luxury brands in London and the UK including designer fashion in womenswear and menswear and also childrenswear, restaurant chains and interiors.


We can work on a strategy which works with your business plan


Using your strategy we can plan the future and create assets 


Think yearly, break down to months and execute each week


You can streamline your processes to ensure your business is easy to run

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