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Hi friends, what brings you here? If it’s any of these, you’ve landed in the right place:

If you’re an entrepreneur, small business, creative or freelancer who wants to transform their Instagram and make more sales

Need a safe pair of hands to help with your digital content

Looking for simple and effective marketing techniques to make life a bit easier

Want an digital content strategist person who gets your brand and brings a bucket of fresh thinking

Need someone smart, savvy and sunny with ALL the right connections

Looking for someone professional, experienced and comfortable working with luxury brands

Keen to work with someone friendly and collaborative, who always says ‘we’ve got this’

Modern PR is so much more than column inches; these days it involves your digital reputation and social media too.

I know how to help because I’ve been in your shoes. I practice what I preach and test everything I know on my own Instagram.

I’ve also helped my clients to achieve great success by following my methods with social media, focusing on Strategy, Planning, Content Creation, Simplifying, Centralising, Scheduling and Engagement.

Together we can take creative control and actually enjoy social media! We’ll make the most of modern marketing tools for a fast and effective long term solution.

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As well as a PR queen, I’m also a storyteller, educator and connector. You can read my latest blogs, PR Tips and interviews here.


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