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I’m Claire, your London creator for authentic personal branding and luxe marketing strategies. Also expect an overdose of flowers.

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Hi friends, I’m Claire, a content creator and digital marketing strategist passionate about empowering women to shine in the digital space.

This is place female founders and creatives to find their voice and build a community.

I’m here as your coach to develop your marketing strategy and push through confidence blocks to fly creatively.

Claire x
Values: I believe in honesty, authenticity, and the power of storytelling to elevate personal brands and businesses. I have always been about planting deep roots, about a feminine way of marketing, about building your story for long term success.

This isn’t viral or a quick fix, this is sustainable growth aimed at strong foundations.

Experience: With over 15 years of marketing experience, I’ve transitioned from traditional PR to mastering digital marketing and social media strategies.


Confidence Boost session

Shake it off and find the power of your personal brand with a 90-minute Confidence Boost session.

Personal Branding Strategy

Let’s start with a blank space and dive deep into your personal branding journey with a comprehensive 9-hour strategy session.

Content Planner Workshop

Plan your content calendar for the year with our 12-month Content Planner Workshop.


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As well as a PR queen, I’m also a storyteller, educator and connector. You can read my latest blogs, PR Tips and interviews here.


2024 Calendar

Free – my 2024 Calendar full of awareness dates to help you PLAN.
Free Calendar And Awareness Dates For 2024 Copy


Instagram like a Pro

Read my book on How To Instagram Like a Pro – a 12 Step Plan


Past clients include

Abigail James
Writers Salon
Human Being Diet
Organising Lady
Ellie Sateei
Pure Persona
Ra Gala Dinner
Sarah Haran
Langdon Court

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