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The edit

I’m here as your coach to develop your marketing strategy and push through confidence blocks to fly creatively. If you’re the best version of yourself, you’ll be whipping your phone out when inspiration strikes you, even if that means filming a Reel on an escalator (your daily commute) or from your indulgent bubble bath. You’ll be the inspiration to all of your family and friends by leading a community of followers who love you. All because you are being your authentic self.

I have spent 20 years working in marketing. I was in my first PR job in Yorkshire when my assistant (hey there Heather Kipling!) encouraged me to join a brand new social media platform called Facebook. Wasn’t that the start of something hey?

From there I’ve moved from my day job of celebrity product placement (hi Jessica Alba!) and double paged editorials into digital marketing and social media. The world has evolved but storytelling is still the same. In fact we’ve been telling stories throughout time, the medium changes but in essence, how we build a community and those deep strands that bind us, are the same.

What do I do?

Specifically I offer time for you to focus on your business and personal development. We can move from a place of frustration and confusion to a position of clarity with direction. This means, actioning those draft notes on your phone, tackling those ideas and organising your thoughts.

I’m about strategy, streamlining, planning and coaching. You’ll be able to action our strategy with renewed confidence. Or you’ll be able to work with your existing team or hire where you need to. You’ll be producing chunky pieces of meaningful, evergreen content to share on social media. We’re no longer going to be stuck, we’re going to be free (well, expensive but you get my drift). This is where you build trust with your audience to make more sales.

I have always been about planting deep roots, about a feminine way of marketing, about building your story for long term success. This isn’t viral or a quick fix, this is sustainable growth aimed at strong foundations. I’m excited for you, because if you’ve found me, you’re ready to take your first steps.


How do I know it works?

I have done this myself. I was so petrified of public speaking, that the thought of presenting at a board meeting pushed me into hypnotherapy when I was 30. It was a game changing decision. And although anxiety and confidence issues will always be a challenge, I know how to overcome them, so I can show you too.

‘Naked’ is all about honesty. My English GCSE teacher always said I was incisive, which I believe means I like to cut to the chase. I’ll be honest with you about where I can help, where someone has paid for the ‘award’, what is advertising rather than PR, what looks like a bot and so on.

Most of all, I’ll tell you where you can flourish, where you can grow, where the opportunities are.

A little about me

Yorkshire is where I’m from. Kensington is where I live. As a natural born storyteller, you’ll see that my beloved blog is my creative outlet. I hunt down cute corners in London as if my life depended on it so expect luxe Instagrammable places and must-see events. If you sign up to my newsletter, you’ll get a regular drop of what I’m seeing on the ground. That can be a new Afternoon Tea or new decorations for inspiration. I’ll also add content ideas so you don’t miss important events like the Jubilee or the cultural earthquake that was the Barbie Movie.

My style has always been important to me and I’m most comfortable in a tulle skirt, tee and heels or trainers. Which does make it fun doing the big shop at Waitrose. My theory is, we need a bit of playfulness in life! We can all be ourselves! You will probably find me wearing the exact same outfits I wore ten, fifteen, twenty years ago. I’ve always bought things I hope will last forever rather than stacks of stuff. That wasn’t always a fashionable answer, although now with a focus on climate change, I’m happy to say it is.

My final love is flowers. Spring is a drug to me. I walk around Kensington chasing beautiful Cherry Blossom and Magnolia. Then it is Wisteria hysteria, before hydrangeas take over with their colour and vibrancy. Whether it is fields of wild flowers or lavender or a simple bunch of roses from Marks & Spencers, flowers just light up my soul. If you could tell that to my boyfriend, I’d be ever so grateful. Hee hee.


This is my story

For a really long time I thought I wasn’t good enough or smart enough to run my own business. I would hide in the background and work really hard to stay there, watching my results roll in from the back of the room.

So I know exactly what it feels like to be successful and ambitious, but stay in the safety of the shadows.

The thing is, what I really wanted to do is help people become the best versions of themselves; to break through their barriers and enjoy the limelight. But of course to coach others on how to do that, first you have to do it yourself!

So I got brave, and kept being brave every day. With every pitch, every blog post, every newsletter, every Instagram post and every video, I have given my confidence issues a good kicking.

Sometimes you swim against the tide and get a spray of water in your face, and other times you ride the wave and realise this is what you were born to do. Does that feel familiar? I bet it does.

I AM brilliant at seeing the good in every person and the opportunity in every brand. I’ll help you find your ‘why’, then celebrate it and enjoy exceptional results. We’ll find your wave, and ride it together.

And here’s something else that’s really important. I’ll be honest with you. I’ll tell you when to slow down, when to speed up, when to STOP looking at your competitors and focus on yourself. When to take a leap, when to be cautious, and how to build up to being the Very Important Person you are destined to become.

No lies, no BS, no shortcuts. Shall we do this? Let’s go!


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Claire Etchell


I’m Claire and I started NakedPRGirl as a blog in 2014 to explore society, to discuss the dichotomy that the modern world brings, to look at the curious juxtapositions between the real and online world. In 2016, NakedPRGirl morphed into a business consultancy and has become a living breathing platform to offer advice, showcase my services, share interviews with my peers and deep dive into the marketing world I love to help and educate so you can so follow me here or let’s meet for a coffee and chat IRL.

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