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Hello, I’m Claire Etchell. I’ve been working in fashion and lifestyle marketing for 20 years. I specialised in traditional Public Relations for 15 years of that time, working with the media to land double page spreads in national magazines.

In the last 5 years, I made the conscious move into digital content. Storytelling is still at the heart of what I do but the methods are modern. I utilise video content and specialise in Instagram strategy.

I’ve developed ways to work which can be replicated to support any business. Using my proven methods, I can work with you as your coach to set a strategy which you can follow. I’ll check in with you to keep you on the right track, and you can use all my tools to increase confidence and make more money.

I’m proud to say that many of my clients have been with me for over a decade, working together to achieve the recognition and awareness they deserve as their business grows.

I’d love to chat to you about where you’ve come from and where you’re going, then come up with a killer plan to help get you there. Let’s talk!

This is my story

For a really long time I thought I wasn’t good enough or smart enough to run my own business. I would hide in the background and work really hard to stay there, watching my results roll in from the back of the room.

So I know exactly what it feels like to be successful and ambitious, but stay in the safety of the shadows.

The thing is, what I really wanted to do is help people become the best versions of themselves; to break through their barriers and enjoy the limelight. But of course to coach others on how to do that, first you have to do it yourself!

So I got brave, and kept being brave every day. With every pitch, every blog post, every newsletter, every Instagram post and every video, I have given my confidence issues a good kicking.

Sometimes you swim against the tide and get a spray of water in your face, and other times you ride the wave and realise this is what you were born to do. Does that feel familiar? I bet it does.

I AM brilliant at seeing the good in every person and the opportunity in every brand. I’ll help you find your ‘why’, then celebrate it and enjoy exceptional results. We’ll find your wave, and ride it together.

And here’s something else that’s really important. I’ll be honest with you. I’ll tell you when to slow down, when to speed up, when to STOP looking at your competitors and focus on yourself. When to take a leap, when to be cautious, and how to build up to being the Very Important Person you are destined to become.

No lies, no BS, no shortcuts. Shall we do this? Let’s go!

Brands I’ve worked with

My clients past and present include: fashion designer Donna Ida, sustainable footwear retailer Yogi Footwear, hospitality brands The Nth Degree Club and Young Chef Young Waiter, activewear brands Mountain Warehouse and Zakti Active, luxury sportswear brand Fashercise, premium car brand London Morgan, interiors brands Neon Sheep, SID: Sleep Intelligent Design and Memory Foam Warehouse.

Before I was a consultant, I held positions in-house at Donna Ida, global nursery brand Mamas & Papas and shoe retailer Moda in Pelle.


My specialist subjects


From designer jeans to sustainable shoes, fashion is at the core of my offering


Covering interiors, gifts and toys, lifestyle is discerning market


The world of food & drink is a fast-paced sector with lots of personalities


Connect with me

Claire Etchell


I’m Claire and I started NakedPRGirl as a blog in 2014 to explore society, to discuss the dichotomy that the modern world brings, to look at the curious juxtapositions between the real and online world. In 2016, NakedPRGirl morphed into a business consultancy and has become a living breathing platform to offer advice, showcase my services, share interviews with my peers and deep dive into the marketing world I love to help and educate so you can so follow me here or let’s meet for a coffee and chat IRL.

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