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I love PR. There I said it. PR is a much misunderstood subject; often seen as ‘cloak and dagger’ or the ‘dark arts’ but I contend that it is strategic and clever – a bit like having a plan before you go onto the battlefield. The business plan is where it all starts out, with your goals all sketched out, marketing then swoops in to help you take your products (quite literally) to market.

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Fail to plan, plan to fail

PR can take many forms but in the simplest of terms it is to form the public image or an individual or company. By working with your topline goals, PR can formulate engaging campaigns to make sure your business is being talked about in the media and social channels. This is more than column inches, this is aligning you to the right target media, making sure it is on brand and on message with a range of clever devises.


What I Can Do For You

PR sits within the marketing function but is often outsourced to specialists or agencies who spend their whole life working with journalists, bloggers, celebrities and influencers.

 I have worked in luxury fashion and lifestyle for over ten years and have a wealth of experience creating PR campaigns with the maximum return on investment.

I can work with your internal team or I can act as your PR Consultant in a short, medium and long term. Nurturing brands and people is what I love to do. I also have a overarching view so I can tell you how that function fits into the rest of your business and knowledge of inbound links and keywords are in every PR’s interest.


I can help you with a strategy to ensure you are working at least six months ahead.


Creating a media kit – press releases and build media packs to make sure you are a success


Boost your presence with a well timed event to maximise results


Working to your budgets for product placement – ensuing ROI

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