Belgravia in Bloom 2023: Belgravia’s Magnificent Floral Into The Wild Displays

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Welcome to Belgravia in Bloom 2023, which runs alongside the Chelsea Flower Show each year and is a hop, skip and a jump away from Chelsea in Bloom 2023 which is around the corner. Running through the are from Elizabeth Street, Motcomb Street, Halkin Street and Eccleston Square is a mesmerising celebration of nature’s beauty set against the backdrop of one of London’s most prestigious neighbourhoods. In 2023, the theme ‘Into the Wild’ takes centre stage, beckoning visitors to embark on a captivating journey through enchanting floral displays with cute animals hiding amongst the leaves. Belgravia, known for its elegant architecture, upscale boutiques, and verdant garden squares, transforms into a botanical wonderland during this vibrant festival. From the moment you set foot in Belgravia, you are transported into a world where wilderness and refinement coexist harmoniously.

This year’s theme, “Into the Wild,” pays homage to the untamed wilderness that surrounds us and the fascinating flora that thrives within it. As you wander the streets of Belgravia, you will encounter a tapestry of stunning floral arrangements inspired by the diverse ecosystems found in nature’s untouched realms. From lush rainforests to arid deserts, each display showcases the beauty and resilience of the natural world. Immerse yourself in a symphony of colors and scents as you explore the neighborhood’s hidden gardens, picturesque squares, and charming streets. Discover a myriad of exotic blooms, cascading vines, and fragrant herbs, meticulously arranged to evoke the untamed spirit of the wild.

Here’s my favourite displays at Belgravia in Bloom 2023

1 – Neill Strain, Halkin Street, Belgravia

This adorable display heads into the ocean with Sea Horses kissing over the doorway plus a giant turtle and fish either side of it. This tropical paradise has the most beautiful bright colours making it the most Instagram friendly display


Neill Strain Belgravia in Bloom 2023

2 – Les Senteurs, Elizabeth Street, Belgravia

This pretty blue bench is surrounded by wild flowers including poppies and daisies with red roses above it. This street is full of independent stores and boutiques often have displays up all year round. The perfect street for those social media pictures and a little quieter than the streets of Chelsea.

Les Senteurs, Belgravia in Bloom 2023

Les Senteurs, Belgravia in Bloom 2023

3 – Peggy Porschen, Elizabeth Street

The nautical theme continues with this pink pastel floral display. The pink roses and hydrangeas are the backdrop for golden anchors, lobsters and shrimps. This stunning flower arch is updated all year roundso hopefully whenever you go, you’ll see a similar display.


Peggy Porschen, Belgravia in Bloom 2023

4. Wonders Of The Wild, Motcomb Street

How beautiful is this! Again by Neill Strain, I love the perfect purple parrots and the completely covered phone box. I really love the hydrangeas and that mix of tropical blue, purple and green colours. It is a brilliant backdrop for Instagram.

Waitrose, Motcomb Street belgravia in bloom

Waitrose telephone box, Motcomb Street Belgravia in Bloom 2023

5. Moyses Stevens, Elizabeth Street, Belgravia

This uber cool florist has added wild animals includeing a snake, monkey and parrot outside their Belgravia store but the stand out moment are the pandas across the road (across from Jo Loves).


Moyses Stevens, Belgravia


Moyses Stevens Pandas, Belgravia in Bloom


6. Eccleston Yards, Belgravia (also by Moyses Stevens)

This is the perfect place to take kids with the cutest characters including an elephant, giraffe and monkey taking centre stage. Also take a look at Biscuiteers for their cute owl!


Eccleston Yard, Belgravia in Bloom 2023


Eccleston Yard, Belgravia in Bloom 2023


Biscuiteers, Eccleston Yard, Belgravia in Bloom 2023

7. Pantechnicon, Motcomb Street

The sweetest little foxes on earth can be found at Pantechnicon and they are adorable! This little hub around Motcomb Street includes the best displays including Neill Strain and the lovely Waitrose one plus is just a short walk from Sloane Square tube.


Foxes at Pantechnicon, Belgravia in Bloom 2023

8. Joanna Wood, Elizabeth Street

Another gorgeous bench on this street from interior company Joanna Wood with beautiful green, blue and white flowers surrounding.

joanna wood, Belgravia in Bloom 2023

Joanna wood, Belgravia in Bloom 2023

9. Bayley & Sage, Belgravia

This stunning window arch takes inspiration from a peacock’s tail with pretty purple and turquoise flowers creating a dramatic look.

bayley and sage, Belgravia in Bloom 2023

Bayley & Sage, Belgravia in Bloom 2023

10. Halkin Arcade, Belgravia

Hidden in the Halkin Arcade is a little jungle with a wild animals in the middle of the arcade. It is well worth seeking out just for my favourite, this lovely friendly tiger.


Halkin Arcade by Neill Strain, Belgravia in Bloom 2023

11. Poilane, Elizabeth Street

If you want an amazing croissant, head to Poilane for a Pain Au Chocolat. Oh my! You can also see this lovely woodland scene.


Poilane, Elizabeth Street

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Find our more here – Belgravia in Bloom is on from 22 to 28 May 2023.



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