Chelsea in Bloom 2023 – best floral displays for Instagram

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Chelsea in Bloom is spectacular every year and I love rounding up the best displays for Instagram. There’s beautiful and fragrant real blooms as well as realistic fake flowers which make spectacular displays. This year, for Chelsea in Bloom 2023, the theme is Flowers on Film which is inspired by the movies. So expect Oscar’s, BAFTA’s, red carpets, Hollywood stars, Jurassic Park, Cheshire Cats and so much more.

Here are the best floral displays for Instagram from Chelsea in Bloom 2023:

  1. The Egerton House Hotel, Egerton Terrace, London – this insanely beautiful hotel is covered in stunning multi-coloured flowers which really reminds me of those beautiful Bridgerton. There’s roses, peonies and wisteria taking their lead from the Coronation colours. A Union Jack flag hangs above the door. It is super easy to get an iconic photo (and video) which is perfect for Instagram.

Egerton House and Hotel, Chelsea in Bloom 2023


2. Kiki McDonough, Symons Street, London – every single year, Kiki McDonough smashes it out of the park with their extraordinary floral displays. I’ve seen boutique high giraffes, huge tea pots and now it is time for The Jungle Book. It was still being constructed when I visited on Sunday night (and Monday morning) but Baloo and Shere Khan were looking incredible, created out of flowers. The florists were Philip Corps Flowers and Fleurdelux and these characters just burst out of the window onto the street. A MUST if you have kids.


Kiki McDonough Jungle Book, Chelsea in Bloom 2023

Kiki McDonough Jungle Book, Chelsea in Bloom 2023

Kiki McDonough Jungle Book, Chelsea in Bloom 2023

3. Rixo, King’s Road, London – these vibrant, larger than life popcorn boxes are bursting with white flowers. If colour is your thing, this modern backdrop feels like art.


Rixo, King’s Road, Chelsea in Bloom 2023

4. Ivy Chelsea Garden – Ivy on King’s Road always has the most creative display which spills onto the road. This year, Wind in the Willows is the inspiration so join Mr Toad and Badger amongst the flowers and wisteria. An absolute MUST if you have kids – it is cute, fun and friendly.

Ivy Kings Road Chelsea In Bloom 2023 Instagram Places62

Ivy Chelsea Garden, Wind in the Willows, Chelsea in Bloom 2023

5. Cartier, Sloane Street – I adore Cartier’s window display every year for Chelsea in Bloom and this year is no exception. These stunning white fresh flowers beautifully contrast with the cherry red branding.

cartier_sloane_street_blog_chelsea_in_bloom_2023_instagram_places58 copy

Cartier, Sloane Street London, Chelsea in Bloom 2023

6 – Mary Poppins on Kings Road – this hot spot on King’s Road always has an amazing display and this year it is dedicated to the Mary Poppins film. We have pastel coloured horses and a floral navy blue Mary Poppins already to fly away. Another winner for children if you’re visiting Chelsea.

kings_road_mary_poppins_blog_chelsea_in_bloom_2023_instagram_places8 copy.JPG

Mary Poppins Kings Road, Chelsea in Bloom 2023

7. Sloane Square Rose Bench – this stunning floral wooden bench with a pink and red rose arch is visible from Sloane Square tube. On the corner, it is the sweetest spot to grab a coffee and watch the world go by.

sloane_square_bench_roses_chelsea_in_bloom_2023_instagram_places66 copy

Sloane Gardens, Chelsea in Bloom 2023

8. Tiffany, Sloane Street – this display was still being installed when I visited but it was smelling incredible, The pale white and pink roses are super luxe and a stunning floral ‘pearl necklace’ inspired by the film Breakfast At Tiffany’s hangs above the door.

tiffany_chelsea_in_bloom_2023_instagram_places14 copy

Tiffany, Sloane Street, Chelsea in Bloom 2023

chelsea_in_bloom_2023_instagram_places14 copy

Tiffany, Chelsea in Bloom 2023

9. The Cheshire Cat at Self Portrait, Duke of York Square, King’s Road – this vibrant, cheeky Cheshire Cat is just on Duke Of York Square, propped up against the Self Portrait store.

cheshire_cat_blog_chelsea_in_bloom_2023_instagram_places26 copy

Cheshire Cat, Self Portrait, King’s Road

10. Oscar, Pavilion Road – this Oscar is really huge and covered with red roses. I love how Pavilion Road still has all the Union Jack bunting up from the Coronation!

oscar_pavilion_road_blog_chelsea_in_bloom_2023_instagram_places26 copy

Oscar with roses on Pavilion Road

11. Space NK’s American Beauty, King’s Road – I wish you could smell these roses! Inspired by the rose petals in the bath scene from American Beauty, this display is pure Instagram indulgence. You CAN get in this bath. Or you can perch on the side like I did. It is stunning.

space_nk_american_beauty_blog_chelsea_in_bloom_2023_instagram_places26 copy

Space NK, American Beauty

12. LK Bennett, King’s Road – this Royal Ascot inspired window has a pastel Covent Garden Market flower store at the front with fresh blooms in lush lilac, pink and lemon shades. If you’re wearing a pretty dress, definitely stop by!

lk_bennett_blog_chelsea_in_bloom_2023_instagram_places26 copy

LK Bennett, King’s Road

13. The Chelsea Gardener Bench, King’s Road – I’m already wishing I’d put this sweet bench a little higher on my list. This sweet spot was lovely and quiet.

the_chelsea_gardener_blog_chelsea_in_bloom_2023_instagram_places26 copy

The Chelsea Gardener, King’s Road

14. Hackett, Sloane Street – inspired by Murder on The Orient Express, this neat, retro window is intricate, creative and classy.

hackett_london_chelsea_in_bloom_2023_instagram_places40 copy.JPG

Hackett, Sloane Street, Chelsea in Bloom 2023

15. BAFTA, King’s Road – in keeping with the Flowers On Film theme, this BAFTA award is a welcome display just across from Ivy Chelsea Garden.

bafta_chelsea_in_bloom_2023_instagram_places7 copy

BAFTA Award, King’s Road, Chelsea in Bloom 2023

16. Nike, Bend It Like Beckham, King’s Road – I can’t think of a better concept for a sportswear store than the wonderful Bend It Like Beckham including a floral covered goal.

Nike, Bend It Like Beckham, King's Road

Nike, Bend It Like Beckham, King’s Road

17. Moyses Stevens, Pavilion Road – The Little Shop Of Horrors film used to thoroughly scare me when I was little…but I love this giant plant with a giant ‘FEED ME!’ sign.

little_shop_of_horrors_chelsea_in_bloom_2023_instagram_places38 copy

Little Shop Of Horrors at Moyses Stevens

18. MZ Skin – just off King’s Road, these oversize pink flowers have eye lashes and beauty masks.

chelsea_in_bloom_2023_instagram_places61 copy

MK Skin, Chelsea in Bloom 2023

19. Jurassic Park at Sloane Square – I took the world’s worst pictures here (SORRY – so much video, so little photos). This set is a huge display in the middle of Sloane Square with a huge T-Rex dinosaur (eating the poor guy who was on the loo in the original film) plus a Hollywood sign, giant popcorn and film shiz.

Jurassic Park Chelsea In Bloom 2023

Jurassic Park Chelsea In Bloom 2023


There’s stacks of displays that I didn’t manage to see, check out the official Chelsea in Bloom website here where you can also vote for your favourite display!




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