Lavender Fields near London with red phone box

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If I’d have realised how easy it was to get to Mayfield Lavender Fields, I probably would have moved in! It’s an easy journey from London with parking on site, costs £5 entry and has a red phone box in the middle of beautiful lavender! Welcome to heaven, honestly the smell is incredible and full of gorgeous bees buzzing around.

Lavender Fields Mayfield Lavender3 Copy

Here’s what I know about Mayfield Lavender Farm near London:

Lavender Field Red Phone Box

There are added fun extras around the farm including a tractor you can sit on, plus a little train to take you around the farm. My favourite was the red phone box which is positioned in the front of the field and actually doesn’t open. I was imagining fun transitions but it is glued shut so think again! It

Best shots in Mayfield Lavender Farm

I did love the phone box but it was super hard to get a good shot due to number of people (and a grumpy boyfriend). Plus there isn’t so much lavender right next to the phone box – so basically you need time to set it up right – so if it is busy it is harder.  I have seen more successful shots if you shoot straight on and get lavender in the foreground BUT I didn’t get this.

Mayfield Lavender Phone Box Near London Copy

What to wear

I took a hat and thank god I did, melting! Shades, a long dress. If I went again I would buy lavender from the shop (but we had shot before I realised). I also with I had taken something slightly more neutral to wear rather than my camouflage dress. You can wear flats or wedges or trainers. The ground when I went was super dry and there’s no difficult terrain to worry about!

Visit the cafe

You can’t take picnics or pick the lavender but you can head to the cafe to grab a drink (lavender Earl grey tea for me) and snacks including lavender flavoured sweet treats. You can buy bunches of lovely lavender here too.

My best shots were IN the lavender. My tip is to sit or lie down to get the best shots. Don’t be shy but DO watch the bees and the lavender. You can always use a bit of light retouching to remove people in the background.

What month to visit

I went in early July and it is in full bloom now – it is open until mid August. It generally opens early June and you can check the progress of the lavender on Instagram.


Get there early

The site opens at 9am, I arrived 9.14am and I wish I’d been earlier. It was already busy but it got more and more chaotic as the day goes on. There’s stacks of room for everyone but it’s harder to get clear shots without people in. You’ve got families, pro photographers and people enjoying the blooms. Be respectful, just take your time but go early if you can.

Getting there

Parking is a breeze, so just check the website for directions. You can also go by train but might need an Uber to get to the exact site.

Outfit changes at Mayfield Lavender Farm

There are portable loos on site and I got changed in the car. There’s no time limit here but on a hot day, there’s full sun and it’s hard work. Again earlier the better if it’s boiling. I took a bright pink dress from Zara and also a dress from H&M x Giambista Valli collaboration which blended in with the lavender!


Sunset visits

You can come here on Thursday evenings in July for prossecco and paella evenings (yes to this). It is sold out this year (2023) boo hoo, so one to bookmark for next year.

Visit Mayfield Lavender Fields here.



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