The Best Christmas Films and those So-Bad-They’re-Good Festive Rom Coms

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My favourite Christmas films are about being really watchable, half a good storyline, cute cast, funny and re-watchable. Cos let’s face it, we’ll watch them all again next year! Although we all love the feel-good element of them, they are a solid money spinner! For example apparently each year Hallmark movies rake in an estimated $350 million in ad revenue. Here’s my list of brilliant, and so bad they’re good Hallmark vibe movies. I’m happy to hear about new ones to add to my list so please get in touch!

1 – The Holiday

I think this is genuinely the most perfect Christmas movie. It has everything – Jude Law, Jude Law’s tan, Jude Law’s face, Jude Law doing Mr Napkin Head. What more do you want? Chuck in Cameron’s closet, Kate’s dream vacay destination and we have a winner.

2 – Home Alone

KEVIN! Nothing says Christmas like living your child to defend the family home from robbers, but hey, I love it! You filthy animal. A festive classic. I’d also watch Home Alone 2 after this, Lost in New York is reassuringly similar.

3 – Love Actually

Every time you re-watch Love Actually it actually gets better. From Hugh Grant’s scene stealing role as the dancing Prime Minister to THE Keira Knightley scene with the cards on the doorstep, and the tear jerking Emma Thompson moment, this film will take you on a journey. Because Christmas is all around.

3 – Die Hard

It is a Christmas Film. Don’t hate me. Also see Die Hard 2 which I just ADORE.

4 – The Princess Switch

Now we’re getting into it. Shakespeare used to LOVE a good old identical twin / identity mix up, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Vanessa Hudgens in The Princess Switch is adorable. She plays both Duchess Margaret and Stacy De Novo from Chicago. Of course they both LOOK identical so they switch roles so that Duchess Margaret can experience life as a ‘normal’ person…what can go wrong? Well absolutely nothing tbh. It is a CHRISTMAS movie. In a sign that is it a Christmas Classic, you can also watch Princess Switch 2 and 3 where a slightly less successful (but still cute) blonde triplet called Fiona turns up. Obvs.

5 – The Noel Diary

Awww please watch this one! It is a more grown up Christmas film, as in it isn’t JUST total cheese. This super handsome author, hello Justin Hartley ends up helping a women look for her birth mother. It is based on a bestselling book by Richard Paul Evans’ and has enough twists and turns to keep you invested until the end.

6 – A Castle for Christmas

Got to love a Christmas film with a big name and A Castle For Christmas scores big with gorgeous Brooke Shields. Set in a Scotland, Brooke aka Sophie has popped over to buy a castle (naturally) when she meets prickly owner Myles Dunbar… I won’t spoil the ending…

7 – A Californian Christmas

I can’t help it! I’m sold! Real life husband and wife duo work so well here. Story – handsome rich city bloke tries to get a cute, caring farmer to sell her family’s land. Result…well you’ll have to see won’t you 😉 Although there is also the sequel A California Christmas: City Lights, so you get the gist!

8 – B&B Merry

If you work in social media this will make you LOL! This so cheesy it is actually really good focuses on a YouTuber called Tracey Wise who goes to review a cute but struggling B&B. Faced with also having to review the big, cold, faceless luxury hotel in the same town, she’s got a choice to make about the winner. But then there is this hot dude who is the son of the B&B owners. Infuriatingly, she doesn’t take out her camera or phone the whole film (not sure HOW they think she will do this ‘review’ lols) but don’t worry, she gets out her laptop 9 mins from the end!

9 – A Christmas Prince

Boy I do like these films with royalty and castles eh? So here is the ‘plot’. Our Prince is just ready to be King… our girl is a journalist looking for a scoop. She gets a job as a nanny in the family. I’d hate to spoil it for you, but you can also binge A Christmas Prince The Royal Wedding and A Christmas Prince The Royal Baby. So who knows how it might end ha ha!

10 – Falling for Christmas

Li Lo is the number one reason to get involved in this cute Christmas film. She’s a VERY extra, VERY rich girl who loses her memory. What, can’t remember where you parked the private jet babes? Luckily there’s a hot down to earth single dad to help her.

11 – A Merry Christmas Wish

Awwww I should hate this one but I can’t…. Ok so let me set the scene…savvy city marketing executive pops back to her hometown farm to sort out the property her uncle left her. His dying wish? That she puts on the Christmas Festival before she sells the farm for good! Will her city boyfriend help? Or is this a job for handsome country farmer to help with? I just cannot imagine the ending!

12 – A Kind Hearted Christmas

Jennie Garth of 90210 is an angel. She’s a tour operator by day and by night she is secret santa gifting treats to those in need! Of course, it isn’t long before this Secret Santa vibe attracts the interest of a local (and HANDSOME) news anchor. Will she tell him her secret? Will she? Or will it cause very mild trauma…that can be resolved 30 seconds before the end? I cannot imagine!

13 – Catering Christmas

Ok so Molly has a cute catering business that is struggling up against the bigger catering company in the area. Just so happens that she lands a gig doing the biggest event of the year which throws her into the path of a handsome heir. There’s lots of lessons about plaiting candy canes, following your dreams and having lots of money.

14 – Family Switch

This Jennifer Garner film hijacks the plot of Freaky Friday and extends it to include the father / son plus dog and baby in the switch. It is perfectly funny as a family festive flick. It did have some questionable moments, like Jennifer (the mum) farting in a presentation (y tho), the dad hitting on his son’s girlfriend (well he was the son but…confusing) and the mum and dad being forced to kiss by their friends (but actually were brother and sister….). Anyway, it is fine, you can have a snooze in the middle of it.

15 – Best. Christmas. Ever!

There just isn’t enough genuine jeopardy or bite to this film. But it has a cracking cast with Heather Graham and Brandy Norwood. It is just a touch sickly sweet but lush background while you wrap those presents.

Have I missed one? DM me on Instagram to discuss!



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