Super Injunction A Modern PR Disaster

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Naked Feature

I admit it took me ten minutes to google and unearth the shamed married celebrity who like Voldemort in Harry Potter, shall not be named, and has taken out a super injunction to prevent their identity being revealed after a threesome. In all honesty, in PR terms, it is now to become a circus; people love a mystery, love a game and love a scandal! Given all the clues, anyone who can use Google can find it out, especially since Twitter and Facebook are going wild and a US newspaper has printed it on the FRONT PAGE. So it’s only a matter of time before, perhaps it is names on national TV by ‘accident’ or an MP reveals the name again as in the case in 2011 with Ryan Giggs. Remember how the story Ryan Giggs and Imogen Thomas reached fever pitch a few years back with names being thrown about on Twitter long before it was revealed?


For crisis management, it might have been less of a fuss, and less costly to just let this new story come out. In the world of scandal, there’s something about having a super injunction slapped on your name that kind of makes it worse especially as with the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park ‘nature finds a way.’

So the truth will out for this celebrity too, and we shall see if it impacts their public image. As with many celebrities before, keeping quiet and dropping out of the limelight for a short period can help. Or face it head on as Charlie Sheen (EVENTUALLY) did in the US by announcing he was HIV Positive on the Today show. Hearing it from their own words can humanise the story, especially if you can retain control of the positioning and questioning of the interview. In this world of honesty and authenticity, it ain’t a bad way to go. And just to finish off, here’s the Daily Mirror with a handy list of Celebrities Who Gave Up On Super Injunctions.



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