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I was hired full time at DONNA IDA seven years ago and am now their freelance consultant. DONNA IDA was well loved by fashion press but the good energy didn’t always converting into coverage. At the time, DONNA IDA was a multi brand retailer which only stocked external products, so getting credits in the media was tough – often credited to much bigger stockists. The answer was in the founder of the company – Donna Ida Thornton who is a bundle of creative energy with a charismatic personality and therefore perfect to focus the PR strategy on. Donna was shot by our in-house photographer Kate Gorbunova to create premium images for the press.


Through meetings with key editors and influencers including Glamour’s Jo Elvin, ELLE’s Lorraine Candy, YOU’s Mimi Spencer, Grazia’s Jane Bruton and Red’s Sam Baker, Donna Ida Thornton started to land elusive double page features. Press releases and social media all back up the positioning of Donna Ida Thornton as the Jean Queen and created the perfect platform for the launch of her own brand.


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