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The word ‘content’ is thrown around so much these days it has practically lost meaning. So here is how I explain it - content is your story - your words, images and videos. Content starts at the marketing strategy and once you have a plan for the year, you can build your content on top of it.
Content supports your marketing strategy, ensuring it is right for your brand, shareable, using the right keywords and interesting! It is important to as yourself ‘WHO CARES?’ when you’re writing/shooting and creating a piece of work.

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DONNA IDA - Feedback from an ecommerce focus group was that women wanted to see how real women wore their jeans, so the concept of a Style Insider feature was born. We shoot and interview a denim lover each month including Lisa Snowdon, Donna Air and Edith Bowman. See the full list in my Recent Work here.

Zakti Activewear - I interviewed lovely men and women for Zakti Activewear on their life, health and wellbeing including Belle & Bunty, Nina Healthily, Sulky Doll Styling and Mr Plant Geek. Read more in my Recent Work here.

How I work

Every piece of content is different! I often start with a press release which can be altered into a blog post with a few changes here and there to make it less stern. Pieces are often topical, in line with seasonal events or written in collaboration.
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