Why You Need to Use Instagram Reels in your Marketing Strategy

by | Sep 13, 2022 | Blog, Instagram Reels Guide

I can hear you asking: do you have to use Instagram Reels in your marketing strategy? Why did Instagram launch Reels when they already have videos and Stories? Well, the answer can be found in the runaway success of TikTok (which was ranked as the most popular website of 2021, surpassing Google, according to Cloudflare).

TikTok has seen great success with their snappy, fun, short videos. So it’s no surprise that Instagram created their very own version. In fact, the new short video format has been so successful that they’ve pretty much ditched their IGTV idea and doubled down on Reels.

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has also talked about the platform embracing video. You can see this for yourself by heading to your Explore page and seeing that it now favours Reels.


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In short, this is why you need to integrate Reels into your marketing strategy.

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How to get Started with Instagram Reels


Head to my blog here for my beginner’s guide to Reels.

Ultimately, you need some inspiration. And where better to get this than by looking at what influencers on the platform are doing?

So head to your favourite influencer’s grid and have a look. Then journey over to your Explore page to see what’s trending right now. This is a great starting point to get a sense of exactly what type of content will be relevant to your brand or business. I adore deep diving Marta Sierra, Of Leather & Lace and Victoria.



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But starting simple with easy transitions is key. I recommend using Inshot (download it for free here) to edit your Reels as it gives you more control.

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Ready to Start Shooting Reels to include in your Marketing Strategy?


I always say that the best way to get good at Reels is through practice, so getting started is the first (and hardest!) step towards becoming a Reels expert.

Ready to become a Reels expert?  Download my FREE full One Second Reels Guide here.



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