What to post on Instagram after the death of Queen Elizabeth II

by | Sep 13, 2022 | Naked Feature

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has been a shock. She’s the only reigning monarch most of us have ever known. She represented a constant, stability in times of turmoil, a steady hand. Now the TV coverage is 24/7, it can be an overwhelming experience. I’ve had so many conversations with friends, colleagues and Instagram friends on what to post on Instagram after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

My advice really looks to Queen Elizabeth II’s ‘keep calm and carry on’ attitude. So in your marketing, in your Instagram posting, in life returning to normal, this is my advice on what to do in this difficult time.

What to post on Instagram after the death of Queen Elizabeth II

  1. Pause – Pull any scheduled comms and take a deep breath. Avoid any knee jerk reactions.
  2. Reflect – Think about how the news affects you, your business, your customers and the wider world.
  3. Plan – Make short term plans, take stock of the timeline and be flexible in changes
  4. Pay tribute – Acknowledge what has happened an day tribute with your own message
  5. Action – Where necessary, change comms (websites, newsletters, social media). Only post on the day rather than use scheduling tools to ensure you are reading the room
  6. Carry On– Keep track of how the mood is changing. If you are a business you will need to continue to sell during good times and in bad.
  7. Return to ‘normal’ – Take time out to process this sad time, but you can return to normal posting as soon as you want. Just make sure to check the tone and content. Be respectful.

Ultimately this is an unprecedented event in this digital age.

There is no rule book.

We’re all in this together to support each other. Whatever content YOU feel is right, is right for you and your business.

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