Welcome to NakedPRGirl

by | Apr 1, 2014 | Naked Feature

Welcome to NakedPRGirl

NakedPRGirl is all about being naked. Not in the traditional sense, so apologies if you clicked on this page expecting to find a buxom blonde with nothing but a glass of champagne and a clipboard to hide her modesty.


I’m Claire Etchell and I started NakedPRGirl to explore society, to discuss the dichotomy that the modern world brings, to look at the curious juxtapositions between the real and online fashion world. I’m a PR and Marketing professional with a background in lifestyle and fashion and I’m interested in how our world is changing, and even more by what stays the same. I also recently started to have a geeky obsession with ecommerce and social media. I don’t exactly know what an algorithm is, but I can tell you with confidence that hummingbird is not just a cake shop, and that Google is trying to eat us all.



I started my career back when the internet was a mere new fangled idea which was never really expected to up-end and revolutionise the way we live and communicate. Back in the day we would send press releases using carrier pigeons. Just joking, I’m not that old, but we would use this archaic thing called Royal Mail. As much as I had the foresight to introduce a transactional website at the first company I worked for (a women’s shoe retailer), I can’t profess to have seen the tidal wave of online coming. Now children are growing up attached to their iPhone. Dear God, let’s hope they’re not using predictive text to learn how to spell.


The growth of social media is just one part of the beast which is growing and seemingly spurting a new channel every day; in my day, Facebook was in its infancy. I remember the days before you could even make a company page. Now for better or for worse, we have Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, Pinterest and a thousand others, designed to test online marketers and almost certainly nearly kill their passion for fashion.


As much as this is a critique of the modern world, I also work in and support this industry. I love it, I’m immersed in it. I am my own contradiction. I hate the Daily Mail and therefore check the website every 14 seconds in case something has happened. I love reviews, I read them, digest them and then tear them to pieces. I am suspicious by how fashion muscles it’s way into our consciousness, but then I still want a Chanel jacket more than anything else in the world. I am not a fan of Photoshop, unless it’s on me and then it’s fantastic. I think fashion magazines should support women a little more, but then can’t stand the ones that tell use how to get it all, how patronising.


This blog is to look at our lifestyle, our media, our culture, our celebrities and hold up a mirror to it, expose all the bits that we’d rather not see, or photoshop over. I want this blog to inspire debate, so please comment and let me know what you think. Because thinking is what we should be doing a little more of.

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