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As a very dedicated Swiftie, I’ve spent the last six months exploring the London locations and outfits inspired by Taylor Swift. That’s where I came across the famous The Black Dog in Vauxhall which has been named in a song in her 2024 album The Tortured Poets Department. I decided to head down to the pub in the name of research to check it out. Here’s all the info including where The Black Dog is, how to get there, what to wear (hint – whatever you want!) and what to order.

1 – Where is Taylor Swift’s The Black Dog?

It is in Vauxhall in London – which is just south of the River Thames. You can reach it from the underground (tube) via the Victoria Line (avoid rush hours as this one gets busy) or by overground or bus. It is ONLY six minutes walk (heels are not a problem!) from there across a main road and then a pretty park. It is on the corner of Vauxhall Walk and Glasshouse Walk. Full address 112 Vauxhall Walk, London SE11 5ER.

2 – Did Taylor Swift go to The Black Dog pub?

According to the BBC, Taylor visited to the pub herself. She wrote an entire song about it, so it is 100% on the Swiftie London Map!


Taylor Swift’s Black Dog Pub

3 – What did Taylor say about The Black Dog Pub?

Taylor names checks The Black Dog a few times in the song. It is actually a pretty sad song about a relationship break-up. It sounds like Tay’s boyfriend (originally rumoured to be Joe Alwyn until he denied going there) had left his location turned on his phone. Presumably he lied about where he was and got caught out in the pub. Blooming Find Me app, always causing issues! Here’s the opening of the song which sets the scene:

“I am someone who, until recent events
You shared your secrets with
And your location
You forgot to turn it off
And so I watch as you walk
Into some bar called The Black Dog
And pierce new holes in my heart
You forgot to turn it off
And it hits me
I just don’t understand” (Taylor Swift The Black Dog)

There’s also more lyrics about a specific occasion when (possibly) they visited together: How you don’t miss me, In The Black Dog, When someone plays The Starting Line and you jump up (Taylor Swift The Black Dog).

Suffice to say, the pub have claimed the name-check and changed their Instagram bio to ‘Home to tortured posts @taylorswift’. Can’t fault their marketing!

4 – Do they have The Black Dog merch?

Yes speaking of Taylor Swift marketing, the pub swiftly (sorry lols) launched a merchandise store with ‘some bar called The Black Dog’ hoodies, t shirts, caps, mugs and bags (phew!) I didn’t spot any in the bar when I visited. Looking at the website it looks like it might be made to order so perhaps just available online here.


Taylor Swift’s Black Dog Pub

5 – Where are the photo opportunities a The Black Dog pub?

When I visited they had a chalkboard outside with these lyrics on: ‘And so I watch as you walk, Into some bar called The Black Dog‘ which you can stand next to for photos. You can also stand outside the pub a little further away to get the signs in. If you sit outside, there’s also The Black Dog written on the windows too. I’ll add the video here so you can get a better idea. Inside there is a mural dedicated to Taylor by Chris Lloyd which is the pub and the lyrics underneath (cute!) This is quite high up and that area of the bar was quite busy when I visited, so not the easiest to get a photo of (still amazing though!)

6 – What to order at The Black Dog pub?

If you have time, book for food! I didn’t have time to eat but wow it looked super tasty! If you only have time for a quick drink, you can sit inside, outside or even stand if it is busy. Service was swift (can’t help myself). You can order Black Dog Lager or Stout.

7 – What to wear to The Black Dog Pub?

Anything you like! It is a casual British boozer. Jeans, tees and trainers are a bit of a staple in this kind of place. But if you want to wear something more Swiftie and fun, feel free! London is known as a place for being YOURSELF. Wear whatever you like! Sequin skirts, bright dresses, cowboy boots, you name it! I went with a Midnights Era vibe with a metallic cape and bootcut jeans.

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I think that is all, if you have any more questions pop them in comments here or head to my YouTube or Instagram to comment there! Happy Swifting!

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