Taylor Swift’s Marketing Strategy – How She Uses Easter Eggs, Community, Momentum and Storytelling

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In the last six months I’ve been studying Taylor Swift like I was doing a PHD in The Eras Tour. I’ve always been a fan, particularly Red, 1989, Reputation eras. However when I decided to create content to link in with the Eras Tour arriving in London, I realised her marketing hits an entirely different level.

I’ve spent this year researching Taylor’s London hot spots (yes she lived here!) and exploring her definitive eras. I created her famous looks in iconic London places. Yep I was a nightmare dressed like a daydream! I also had my highest performing piece of content EVER. A video of the new Swiftie Steps at Wembley which has gathered 60k view on Instagram alone. I was also very fortunate to go to The Eras Tour on night two in London. What. A. Ride.

Taylor Swift isn’t just a music icon; she’s a master of marketing. With her Eras Tour set to provide a £997 million boost to the UK economy, it’s clear that she knows how to captivate and engage her audience. Let’s dive into the enchanted world of Taylor Swift’s marketing strategies. If you’re a Swiftie, leave me a comment below 🙂

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour 2024 Wembley Stadium London Montage Copy

The Swiftie Steps at Wembley London

Here’s what I learnt in my six months of being a Swiftie and all the things we should know about Taylor Swift’s Marketing Strategy:.

Personal Touches – I’ll be your host this evening, my name is Taylor

YAH WE KNOW TAY! Making it personal is one of Taylor’s major skills. Whether she is on a huge stadium tour or performing to five people, she’s incredible at introducing herself. She’s also a mastermind when it comes to the elevator pitch. Just look at the few times she speaks to the crowd at The Eras Tour. She encapsulates all of her key messages every time as she delivers three and a half hours of music.

Key Takeaway: A reminder to us all. Practice introducing yourself and giving your elevator pitch in front of 90,000 people at Wembley Stadium.

Distinct Eras – and going ALL IN

Taylor’s eras all have their own specific identity. So far so obvious. But the more I looked into it, the level of commitment from hair, makeup, clothes to the album covers, names, Easter eggs, is phenomenal. From the pink dyed hair of Lover to the au natural energy of Folklore, she believes fully in the story she is telling. And that makes all the difference. It doesn’t stop at that either, you can see from the Grammy’s this year she used her look to launch the promo for The Tortured Poets Department.

Key Takeaway: To SELL anything, we absolutely need to believe in our product. Ask yourself, are you happy to go FULL Taylor Swift to market your stuff. If you’re not, it is either the wrong product or you need a mindset shift. The way Taylor makes Swifties FEEL about supporting her and INVESTING in her is an incredible achievement built over time with a lot of trust.

Taylor Swift London Collage Outfits Copy

Practice – ‘Try and come for my job’

I watched a lot of archive Taylor Swift videos and there’s a few from the Ellen Show. Taylor’s been sitting on sofas answering charismatic presenters with panache since she was in her teens. Her answers, even then, are press-worthy. They have the perfect mix of fun, gossip and relatability. Take this for an incredible line about Joe Jonas: “When I find that person that is right for me, he’ll be wonderful. When I look at that person, I’m not even going to remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 27 seconds when I was 18.”

It is the 27 seconds when I was 18 bit. SO SPECIFIC. So understated but so powerful. And boy can we identify with her. She uses all of these in her song writing too, making us feel like there’s no barrier to her heart.

Key Takeaway: I always say to people that you’ll always need practice being on camera, practice writing, practice taking photos. Taylor’s been working the camera and building her confidence for years! That’s how she can comfortably command the stage at The Eras Tour.

Taylor Swift Wembley London The Eras Tour3 Copy

Storytelling: Creating a Personal Connection

From her early ‘Mean’ country days to her ‘Shake It Off’ pop anthems, Taylor’s storytelling prowess shines through. Each album represents a different chapter of her life, allowing fans to grow and evolve with her. WE HAVE LITERALLY ALL GROWN WITH HER! This deep connection fosters loyalty and makes her audience feel like they are part of her journey. A song like All Too Well became an absolute fan favourite because we have all known that exquisite heartbreak.

We have ALL been there. Whether it is about boys or bullies, her songs connect with us through epic anthems, powerful bridges and tunes you can sing in the shower. The fact she is heavily involved (or even is the director on) the music videos, makes the whole song writing all the way through to the visuals a 360 TS experience. Post Malone calls her ‘one-take-Tay’ in the behind the scenes of the Fortnight video. To me this shows her confidence in her vision (yep-got-it-move-on) and an artist that can communicate the delivery really well.

Key Takeaway: Share your story authentically. People connect with genuine experiences and emotions. Use your personal journey to build a narrative that resonates with your audience. Think about how you deliver it to others. Use all the tools, writing, music, visuals and work with everyone in your team to execute that vision.

Taylor Swift Wembley London The Eras Tour2 Copy

Building Momentum: The Power of Swiftonomics

Taylor Swift’s record-breaking tour kicked off with ten eras and she launched her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, while she was touring. She released music videos, created new choreography, and surged to the top of the charts. Months earlier, she debuted The Eras Tour movie with Disney+. The momentum Taylor has created always makes me think of waves—how you can start off with calm waters and the waves build and build over time. By the time she arrived in London, it was like the city was covered in a tidal wave of glitter, just SO excited for the concert. It is no surprise that she has added to the UK economy as SO many fans enjoyed the performance.

According to the Swiftonomics report by Barclays, Taylor’s UK tour will see fans spending an average of £848 on tickets, travel, accommodation, outfits, and other costs. This incredible economic impact is a testament to her ability to build momentum. By releasing strategic snippets and keeping fans guessing, Taylor ensures that every tour and album launch becomes an event of massive proportions.

Key Takeaway: Launching anything into a vacuum is always going to be tricky. That is why layers of marketing are one of Taylor’s major strengths. She is a proper pro at layering Easter Eggs (clues), linking past and present, and building a narrative that leaves Swifties guessing the ending. Build anticipation through strategic marketing. Tease upcoming releases, offer exclusive previews, and keep your audience engaged with regular updates.

Taylor Swift Wembley London The Eras Tour1 Copy

Surprise and Delight – ‘So tell me everything is not about me. But what if it is?’

Just like our favourite tv shows, there’s always twists and turns to keep Swifties on their toes. From surprise guests, to fresh Taylor’s Version, to the ever-changing acoustic set to Travis Kelce taking to the stage. The life of a Swiftie fan is very rewarding. There’s wonderful fan accounts who deep dive into her life, her lyrics and enjoy predicting the next move. One thing is for sure, she’s always a hundred steps ahead.

Key Takeaway: Planning on a Taylor Swift level may be a little beyond us, she’s a mastermind. However we CAN look ahead. Take a few minutes to think six months or a year in advance for your business. What can you creatively do for Christmas? How can you make next Spring special? The more you plan ahead, the more you’ll find marketing easier.

Taylor Swift Wembley London The Eras Tour4 Copy

Tribes, Positive Vibes and Crafty Swifts

The atmosphere at a Taylor Swift gig is girl-power-electric. Everyone will be dressed up showing how strong the Swiftie look is. There is an era for everyone. We’re talking sequins, red lipstick, 13 on your hand in eyeliner (echoing her early days performing), bodysuits, cute skater dresses, cowboy boots. A lot of Swifties have been spending hours making their own costumes – yes ALL of those beads! And they’ll also have a stack of friendship bracelets. I love the fact that Swifties are getting crafty and making their own bracelets. How very wholesome (and individual)! Community extends from Taylor all the way to audience. Swift stops gigs to look out for distressed fans in the crowd. And part of being a Swiftie fan is to swap friendship bracelets with each other.

Key Takeaway: Think about how your brand makes people feel! What dream ways could they interact with you or each other. Taylor’s sharing, caring community means she is also well protected by them in return.

London THE ERAS TOUR Poster

Easter Eggs: More Than Just Hidden Messages

Taylor is notorious for leaving Easter eggs in her music videos, outfits, social media posts, and album artwork. These hidden clues create a treasure hunt for fans, keeping them engaged and invested in her every move. For example, the subtle hints in her “ME!” music video led fans to speculate (correctly) about the release of her album “Lover.” That included a Lover neon sign and a Cruel Summer tattoo.

Key Takeaway: Use Easter eggs in your marketing to create anticipation and excitement. Whether it’s a hidden message in your content or a sneak peek of a new product, engaging your audience with interactive elements can build a dedicated following.

Taylor Swift London Pink Skirt Copy

Taylor Swift concert Wembley London

Community Engagement: The Swiftie Effect

Taylor’s relationship with her fans, known as Swifties, is unparalleled. She often interacts with them on social media (yes she likes and comments!), sends them gifts (IMAGINE?), and even invites them to her home for exclusive listening parties. This level of engagement makes her fans feel valued and appreciated.

Key Takeaway: Foster a strong community by engaging with your audience. Show appreciation, interact regularly, and make them feel like an integral part of your brand’s journey.

Taylor Swift Montage

Collaboration: You Belong With Me

Realistically Taylor doesn’t REALLY need anyone else at this point. But this is where she shines. From Katy Perry as a hamburger in the ME! video to surprise guests at her tours, teaming up with other artists can amplify her storytelling. My faves are seeing ex-boyfriend (and supposed subject of classic Back To December) Taylor Lautner in the I Can See You video

I know this long list isn’t LONG enough. By incorporating Taylor Swift’s strategies, you too can create a love story with your audience that stands the test of time. So, are you ready to step into your marketing era? I invite you to get in touch to plan your content marketing strategy



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