Taylor Swift Tips for The Eras Tour Wembley London: What You Need to Know for August

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I had the INCREDIBLE experience of attending Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour in June at Wembley Stadium, London! It was better than my WILDEST DREAMS! If you’re planning to catch her show in August, here are tips to ensure you have the best time possible. For reference we were General Admission Standing on the Saturday night.

Getting to Wembley London

Getting into Wembley Stadium is quite straightforward, as fans arrive All Too Well throughout the day. We arrived at 6:18 PM on a Saturday, which was night two of her London shows. We had intended to be there much earlier in the day. In hindsight this was cutting it a little fine. Leave more time than we did!

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Transport to Wembley Stadium

There’s lots of different ways to reach Wembley, but make sure you have a solid plan to get there and home afterwards. They tend to close roads making buses tricky so rely on tubes over buses.

You can reach Wembley Park via the Metropolitan Line or Jubilee Line. From there, it’s about a ten-minute walk down Olympic Way. Are you Ready for It?

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The Eras Tour Pre-Show Activities

Upon arrival, we had just enough time to take some photos on the famous Swiftie Steps, a must-do for any fan, which took us until around 6:30 PM. You Belong With Me on those steps!

Entering Wembley Stadium

We found our gate and scanned our tickets with ease. In fact it only took us eight minutes to get from the Swiftie Steps to being inside the venue. As you enter, you’ll receive light-up wristbands. A pro tip: keep the tab from the wristband as you can use it later to extend its battery life.


Taylor Swift VIP Merch Stand at Wembley

Arriving In Time For Taylor

One downside of arriving later in the evening is missing the support acts and having to stand towards the back. The other thing to consider if you’re standing is how long you’re on your feet. We got to Wembley at 6:18 PM and arrived home at 2 AM. We were on our feet the whole time, so you might want to strategically miss the support acts to give yourself the best chance. Don’t get caught in a Blank Space.

Facilities at Wembley Stadium

After entering, it took us about 20 minutes to queue for the loo and grab some drinks. We were on the arena floor (standing) by 6:56 PM.

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Water at Wembley Stadium

In the arena, you can buy bottled water but beware, they decant it into plastic cups. However, if you’re standing on the arena floor, water is given away for free from stands at the sides, and they also hand it out throughout the performance. Stay hydrated, so you don’t find yourself in The Last Time without water!

The Performance

Taylor is known for her punctuality, and she was on stage by 7:21 PM. I had brought Loop Earplugs you can buy here on Amazon (AD / AFF), but honestly, the noise wasn’t too bad when standing, possibly because of the open-air nature of Wembley Stadium. I was feeling 22 all over again.

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Practical Tips for The Eras Tour

Phone Lanyard:

I was very pleased to have my phone on a lanyard. It meant I didn’t have to keep getting my phone in and out of my handbag. This was £8.99 on Amazon (AD / AFF) and well worth it. You’ll want to keep it safe because you’re going to Shake It Off all night long.

Swiftie Vibe:

If you want to embrace the Swiftie vibe, consider dressing in her iconic eras looks. Heart-shaped glasses, Bejewelled bodysuits, stacks of sequins, the number 13 on your hand in eyeliner, and plenty of sequins are great choices. You’ll be in a Love Story with your outfit. Have a look here for my Taylor Swift Edit on Amazon.

Friendship Bracelets:

These are a HUGE part of being a Swiftie and you can swap bracelets with fellow fans. You can make your own with a Bracelet Making kit like this on Amazon (AD / AFF) or buy them ready made like these ready made Friendship Bracelets.


Wear comfortable shoes or bring flats to change into. You’ll be on your feet for hours if you’re standing. We set off at 4 PM and didn’t sit down until we got home at 2 AM. Your feet will thank you later when you realise We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together with uncomfortable shoes. Like Ever. Depending on the weather, a handbag sized cardigan can be a good idea to tie around your waist or attach to your bag for the way home.

During The Eras Tour Show

There doesn’t seem to be much time between sets for toilet breaks, so you will most likely miss a song or two. Study the setlist beforehand and pick your moments wisely. Don’t end up Out of the Woods and missing your favorite song.

Leaving Early from the Concert

Some people started leaving before the Midnights era, likely to avoid the crush and catch a train home. However, they missed the spectacular end, complete with fireworks and confetti. Although I only ended up with a tiny piece of blue confetti, it was still like Sparks Fly.

Taylor Swift Wembley London The Eras Tour1 Copy

Journey Home

The journey home can take a while as everyone leaves at once. Be patient, as they play Swiftie music while you queue, making it quite fun. We hung around the venue for a while afterward and left around midnight. I’d say it can take anywhere from half an hour to an hour to queue for the tube. Remember, you’re in this for the long haul – Long Live the memories!

Optimise Your Phone For Taylor!

Filming at The Eras Tour:

I was filming on an iPhone 15 Pro which you can buy on Amazon (AD / AFF), and it looked pretty good on a 2 or 3 zoom. Clear your phone and make sure you have plenty of room to take photos and videos. You don’t want to be deleting during the concert!

Essential Portable Charger for Your Phone Power Banks:

Remember to take power banks to boost your phone battery. I have two that I use, and they got me through the day and night. You’ll be taking lots of videos, and it can drain your battery quickly. Make sure you have enough to get home! This is my Anker Power Bank available on Amazon (AD / AFF).

London THE ERAS TOUR Poster

Photos and Videos – The Key Shots at The Eras Tour:


Make sure you take one outside the stadium while you’re walking towards it (on Olympic Way). You can also head to the incredible pastel Swiftie Steps to the right of the stadium, and the mural too. Find out even more about the Swiftie Steps here.

During the Show:

In the stadium, a photo and video when you arrive while it is still light is a great idea. And again when it has finished!

Special Moments:

Despite saying I wouldn’t and wanting to be ‘in the moment,’ I took loads of videos. It is all amazing, but I would definitely take a video when she is saying ‘London, welcome to The Eras Tour’ and other places she chats with the crowd (including the surprise songs). These parts will be unique to your venue and experience. You’ll want to remember those Fearless moments. Take a look at TikTok for any special fan videos you might want to film, for example saying ‘It’s Been A Long Time Coming’ to camera in the stadium!

Final Tips

Standing Position:

We stood at the back of the standing section. We could see Taylor a little (more when she came to the front of the stage), but the screens were incredible, so we didn’t miss anything.


After the concert ended, we headed toward the stage to have a look. Although it was interesting, we probably should have headed straight out of the stadium. The security starts to move everyone out immediately.

Taylor Swift London Collage Outfits Copy

If you’d like to visit Taylor Swift locations in London, take a look at my blog here.

Taylor Swift Montage

Explore Taylor Swift’s Marketing Strategy with me here.

Enjoy the show and make the most of your Taylor Swift experience!



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