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Zakti Activewear is a relatively new kid on the fitness block which only launched in 2015 with womenswear. Since that, they’ve added menswear and kidswear plus linked up with former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt to launch a dance inspired collection which debuted with a cover feature and interview in YOU magazine (take a look here) in March 2017. Zakti activewear epitomises positive energy so it isn’t surprising I’ve enjoyed working with this lovely London based brand. Over on their blog I’ve interviewed lovers of activewear on how they style their fitness look (whether that is for the gym or a stroll followed by lunch). Take a look below for the best of Zakti’s Getting Active interviews:

Getting Active With LornaLuxe

Fashion blogger LornaLuxe is a girl on the go, you’ll know this after one look at her aspirational Instagram posts, behind the scenes Snap Chat-ing, stylish Tumblr-ng and out and about Tweeting. So between inspiring wardrobe choices through her style posts to slipping in and out of London for meetings and writing on the move, we wanted to know more about her sartorial choices, business tips plus how she stays healthy and active.

Fashion Blogger LornaLuxe

Zakti Q&A with…… bloggers, Brunch n Grind

Kat and Vanessa, aka Brunch n Grind, are on a mission to try and review all the hottest fitness studios and brunches across the capital. Their manta ‘Train hard, brunch harder’ encourages balance in the form of a sweaty HIIT session followed by a stack of delicious pancakes! CLICK HERE TO READ

Kat and Vanessa, aka Brunch n Grind


Alice and Hannah aka Belle & Bunty are gorgeous girls, always on the go and they want to look good while working out…even if that is just a stroll to the most Instagrammable coffee shop and back! We collaborated with the duo and their fashion fabulous photographer Victoria Metaxas to bring you an edit of the best Zakti Activewear pieces to mix into your wardrobe.

Belle & Bunty Zakti Edit

Zakti Q&A with Donna aka Sulky Doll Styling

The latest interview in our Zakti Q&A is Donna aka SulkyDoll is a Fashion Editor and Stylist so she has her finger on the pulse, spending her days creating beautiful looks for her clients. Her ethos is all about ‘dressing for what makes you feel you’ and promises to make you the best version of you possible! We love this ethos and knew we had to chat to Donna about her life, work and staying balanced.

Donna aka SulkyDoll


We met up with friend of the Zakti Active brand Michael Perry AKA Mr Plant Geek for a photoshoot around London, which got us thinking about the ultimate urban garden, here is his 5-step urban gardening guide.

Mr. Plant Geek

Zakti Meets Nina Healthily

Nina Healthily loves to be on the move, whether she’s climbing, pole dancing or stretching. She’s made it her mission to be strong and healthy so we had a few questions for this body positive blogger.

Style Diaries – Fred Butler Style

Designer Fred Butler loves London, loves exercise and loves capturing her colourful style on Instagram. We caught up with her to find out how she keeps in shape and how she stays balanced with her busy lifestyle.

The Low Down – Rosie Akenhead

We chat with Rosie Akenhead of Time Out & Slimming World Recipes!

The Low Down – Yoga Poser UK

Dominique Riddell is known to her Instagram followers as Yoga Poser UK where she demonstrates her flexibility, bending, and twisting while practicing yoga, ballet and gymnastics every day. Mixing poise and practicality, she loves posting cute captions, as many emoticons as possible, and occasionally balance a glass of bubbly in each hand! We wanted to find out more about her in our latest Zakti Activewear interview; what she likes to wear when working out, and what she gets up to in real life!

The Low Down – Paula Fry of City Fash Gal

City Fash Gal aka Paula Fry works in the city in investment banking but it is her background in vintage fashion that makes her world so appealing. Her Instagram account serves as a daily fashion parade where she injects serious style into the corporate world. Whether she is up early or late, she’s a poster girl for taking her busy life and owning it while staying keeping fit and healthy. Here’s our low down with City Fash Gal.

Zakti Chats to Rosie Underwood, Fashion and Beauty Director of OK Magazine

Rosie Underwood has the job of our dreams, she spends her days as Fashion & Beauty Director at OK magazine and her spare time practicing yoga, exploring and travelling the world. Whether she’s embracing life on a surf board or facing a jam packed diary of shoots, interviews and writing, Rosie still manages to stay balanced. We catch up with this naturally stylish adventurer and find out how she does it.

Rosie Underwood

Zakti Q&A with……Mr Plant Geek

Michael Perry IS Mr Plant Geek, quite literally. His love of plants and in-depth knowledge has translated over into a website which not only details everything from gardening advice to special plants but also takes you on a journey around the world to see all his adventures, and the perfect focus for a Zakti Q&A. If you’re getting the impression this is a stuffy gardening blog, think again because one look at his friendly and engaging Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages will show he likes his gardening with a spade full of humour! If he isn’t taking his clothes off for charity (World Naked Gardening Day), you might find him thinking up new slogans for his tongue in cheek fashion range ‘Rude Botany.’

Michael has grown to be one of the top 20 most influential horticulturists (and the The Sunday Times should know what they’re talking about!) which isn’t surprising considering appearances on This Morning and The One Show, so when Mr Plant Geek jet off to New York with a suitcase of Zakti gear we knew we had to quiz him on how he wears his mens activewear.

Michael Perry Mr Plant Geek

Zakti’s Active Interview with Belle & Bunty

Hannah and Alice aka Belle & Bunty are always on the go; whether it is designing beautiful gowns at their London wedding dress boutique or searching for the perfect pink door for their beautiful Instagram gallery, there’s no stopping them. They’ve designed dresses for celebrities including Myleene Klass and Amanda Holden but that’s just their day job. Outside of their successful business, Belle & Bunty is also a fashion and lifestyle blog which is fun, flirty and powered by frothy cappuccinos, cocktails and friendship. It’s their knack for styling the perfect outfit and delivering playful captions that have made them social media stars. We spotted their New Year New You Blog post featuring Zakti’s active gear – so we wanted to delve into their life and find out more.

Hannah and Alice aka Belle & Bunty always on the go

Getting Active with the StylePilot’s Stefan Maurel

Stefan Maurel is a stylish man about town, and he should be considering he heads up men’s online platform StylePilot, a website dedicated to giving fashion and grooming guidance to style conscious men. Earlier this month he took part in the London Triathalon and we spotted him wearing Zakti’s cycling gear in traing and the race. Here’s our chat with StylePilot CEO Stefan Maurel.

StylePilot’s Stefan Maurel

Getting Active with Francesca The Method

Francesca The Method is a pocket rocket, lycra clad powerhouse who is a presenter and writer, so we were thrilled to see her working out in Zakti’s activewear. The creator of the famous ‘Method’, Francesca is a huge fan of dance and pilates and is a personal trainer to London’s elite. Here she shares her magic secrets to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Francesca The Method

Getting Active with Fashion Editor Nini Khatiblou

London based Fashion Editor Nini Khatiblou is a ball of energy and it is her ability to multi-task, flitting from workouts to styling magazine covers that we admire. From style hacks to life tips, Nini is practical, down to earth and lots of fun. Here’s our Zakti interview with Nini.

Nini Khatiblou



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