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So much fun!

I ADORE the calendar and think it can be a super easy way to be relevant to your audience. 

I was always fascinated when I was an in-house PR how our coverage and awareness would spike whenever seasonal events came around. Things like Halloween, Christmas can be great ways to create products or services for your customers to buy.

Simple as that! Not every event is going to be YOUR event.

But that is ok, we can be choosy

So if you’re sick of being behind the curve for key events like The Coronation, the Barbie Movie or even International Women’s Day, I’m your calendar girl!

Claire x


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Juicy, time saving & awesome!

This is an AWESOME newsletter! x Camilla Richardson Pink Storm Social

Love this Claire! This is so juicy I know odd word but reading through and that’s the word that comes to mind it’s packed with so much, and lots for me to think about re content! Thank you Ozuola Xx

Brilliant Claire. I’m very impressed x Alix Needham

Brava! Paolina Antognetti

Thanks so much Claire – this is really handy calendar for a one woman show like me! x Collette Walsh

I found the NakedPRGirl Calendar a real gem of a document – it saved me heaps of time and helped me look brilliant in front of clients. Thank you again for sharing it with me. Sarah


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