News Flash – Social Media The New Fashion Trend

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Feature

Social media is fast becoming THE biggest new trend in fashion for AW14. It started with journalists and bloggers sharing their FROW catwalk experiences from their mobiles at Fashion Week and gathered pace when Instagram was named the most influential form of social media by Bell Pottinger Wired who noted that consumers were engaging with London Fashion Week 39% per cent more on Instagram than on Twitter due to the formers easy mood board style and visual medium. The fashion peak for Instagram has bee scoring that beautiful US Vogue cover with Joan Smalls, Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss with the headline ‘THE INSTAGIRLS!’ on their coveted September issue.

And where people are looking, commercial ideas follow as Facebook first introduced platforms to buy, Instagram flirted with apps to buy from and now Twitter has launched it’s buy button. It was only a matter of time, brands are hungry to cash in on their followers. Instagram is one of the only platforms that it appears ugly and unpopular to add link. The tests by Twitter on music and not for profit organisations in the US have been so popular, it is to be rolled out.

But one of Twitter’s targets for testing is luxury fashion brand Burberry, who after their catwalk show will sell nail polish. The idea it would seem is to create a buzz around limited edition products. This could really herald a whole new way of marketing a product, especially with a high profile collaboration like Kate Moss for Topshop for example, you’d be able to sell a small amount across your social channels, adding instant gratification to the buying process. A new level of gamification, a little social media race to your new favourite, must have fashion item.

Integrating a buying process into a much loved social network will need to be super easy and secure. But the man pioneering this is the head of commerce for Twitter Nathan Hubbard who was the CEO Ticketmaster so he will know what he’s talking about. As he says “It is a way for our users to get closer to the things that they love and a way for sellers of all types to take the conversations that are already happening between brands, retailers and consumers and turn them into transactional relationships.” So expect high demand for social media led fashion products coming to a platform near you before a click of the heel.



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