NAKED REVIEW – Open House London

by | Sep 18, 2016 | London, Naked Review

Sometimes in London, it feels like you know ALL KINDS of things you really don’t need to. Like when a new hotdog joint is opening, how Pret Sandwiches are ranked from 1 to 50, or how big the waiting list is at a swanky restaurant you’re never likely to grace. And in contrast there’s LOADS of things you ALMOST miss…as if London is just playing fast and loose with your social life, a kind of Russian Roulette of being a Londoner…and I have ALMOST missed the Great Fire of London Celebrations this year and now, I nearly missed the Open House weekend. So using my PR and Marketing skills, I am writing this little post just in case I help just one other person to find out about it! So here goes…

Open House in London is a fantastic scheme where the powers that be open up the doors to the general public, FREE OF CHARGE and it includes 10 Downing Street and Royal Courts of Justice. To get into the really good stuff, you need to enter a ballot in advance, but should you miss that, there are plenty of other options on the weekend itself.

This year, in 2016, I went to Westminster Hall (the freaking Houses of Parliament!!!) and to a beautiful house called Two Temple Place which is astoundingly magnificent. Houses of Parliament need no introduction with their stunning architecture and stacks of history – for example in 1909 Marjory Hulmes of the Suffragettes chained herself to a statue of Viscount Falkland in Westminster Hall to campaign to get women the vote. Two Temple Place on the other hand has a staircase which resembles the spender of the one in Titanic (where Rose and Jack, Jack, Jack hang out a lot).

Don’t miss the next one – this was held in September and they are every six months. Head to the Open House London website and sign up for alerts to make sure you don’t miss out!



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