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by | Feb 19, 2016 | Naked Events

Isn’t the Rosewood Hotel a marvelous setting for Duchamp? This swishy London hotel was the backdrop for Duchamp’s AW16 collection. This happened way back in January for London Collection’s Men, so in blogging terms, I am so behind the curve, there’s barely any point writing this…although in fashion terms…we’ve barely started SS16 yet, so there’s still time! So grab your hat, it’s time to talk about Code London (ooh but do stop by and have a look at the fancy light on the way).

Duchamp AW16 Menswear

Duchamp AW16 Menswear Duchamp AW16 Menswear Duchamp AW16 Menswear

As you can see, Duchamp used the space to full advantage, integrating pieces with the historic pieces. The theme here is ‘Code London’ which kind of reminds me of The Matrix but this is more about innovative techniques than technology. I can tell you that the five codes that Duchamp tick off thanks to the handy press release they left out (thank you FourMarketing), and it is a good job they did because after a couple of those fancy champagne cocktails, I was anybody’s!
Duchamp AW16 Menswear

Code London; 1 – Winter Florals (read dark navy suit jackets with white printed flowers), 2 – Creative Business (say hello to city wear with arty details so you can be suited and booted with a little twist to show you’re cool), 3 – Tonal Layers (wear silk jackets and silk shirts together, silky!), 4 – Innovative Texture (so imagine irregular yarns and contrasting checks and prints) and finally 5- Artistic Features (is all about the detail as inspired by the brand’s namesake Marcel Duchamp and includes paint effects and pencil sketch prints).

Duchamp AW16 Menswear

Duchamp AW16Duchamp AW16 Menswear

I love the scarf action, the colour palette which ranges from those rich red shades to those sky blues and the pops of vibrant shades of yellow or a bold print courtesy of those chunky checks. Top marks for setting, and enjoyed the Code London theme. Luxury has never looked so suave.



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