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by | Jan 26, 2016 | London, Naked Events

Turnbull and Asser are the classiest of menswear brands; established 1885, received their first Royal Warrant from Edward VII, make a lot of bespoke pieces, made in England, tally ho chaps! Their SS16 LCM launch was an in-store only affair which was small but perfectly formed, but for AW16 they moved to The Vaults at RSA House to showcase their new collection.

The premise of the range is The Artist and The Architect, two seemingly contrasting themes brought together in the Turnbull & Asser range. It is artists versus architects; so every squiggly bright brush of paint is juxtaposed with a strict straight monochrome line.


The arches and exposed brickwork create a backdrop with a slightly sinister touch where underneath the arches, the garments are lit-up on wooden mannequins with their shadows playing out against the wall.


One of my favourite parts of this event was the artwork echoing the theme throughout with striking black, white and red graphics hanging in the archways. With a nod to George Orwell’s 1984 and definite influence from posters in a time of War, they proclaim ‘Welcome to Mundania, Conformity is the Key to Community,’ ‘Stamp Out Eccentricity and Flamboyance’ and ‘Stay Vigilant, There Are Artists Among Us.’


This all culminates at the end of the tunnel with a literal photo op. Artists and architects are all hanging out together by in their separate niches divided by a central line. Strong, colourful checks and bold accessories and a easel for the artists and grey/blue tones with subtle prints for the architects who are seen having a meeting about a meeting around a desk.


But what of the clothes? Well they displayed the sharp tailoring the brand is renowned for with key pieces including a paint effect blazer for The Artist and long strict coats for The Architect.


Each outfit is finished off with a prop and plenty of accessories including ties, bow ties and printed pocket squares. Turnbull & Asser ensure their clothing is a surefire way to create the perfect image for a first impression.

Turnbull_And_Asser_AW16_The_Artist_and_The_Arcitect_NakedPRGirl_Blog_Menswear A key piece in the collection was a burgundy jacket printed with London icons throughout it, a great choice for the London based brand.

Turnbull_And_Asser_AW16_The_Artist_and_The_Arcitect_NakedPRGirl_Blog_Menswear  For creative campaigns, a cohesive marketing message, PR-ability, product, set design, joined up-ness, you can’t fault it. Who do I want to hang out with? Ah there’s plenty of room for both artists AND architects in my world!

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