How to stay relevant & keep business coming in during Coronavirus

by | Mar 17, 2020 | Naked Feature

I had a question on Instagram for three ways to stay relevant and keep business coming in during the Coronavirus pandemic from a PR perspective so here goes:

1 ) Be thoughtful – whether this is a PR launch, content or social media, it is time to pull back and review all of your campaigns. Be empathetic and think whether YOU would like to hear that information right now. Language is extremely important and you can give light relief in this crisis or acknowledge it so it doesn’t appear tone deaf. If you are launching an expensive, flashy new luxury product, this may not be the best time so perhaps postpone it if it isn’t business critical. If not, you can adapt and there may be a way to position products or services in order to keep your business afloat. 

Public Relations
Review all your PR in times of crisis

2) Be creative – it is now time to think outside the box and look at new ways to reach your customer. We’ve seen many amazing examples from the restaurant industry encouraging Deliveroo and even that you can freeze their meals for future use. Gyms filming at home work outs. We’ve had services looking at using video conferencing to stay on course. And of course stores can rely on online and WhatsApp to reach customers. By thinking laterally you can tap into new opportunities. Also again, think about what you are looking for right now, whether that is things to do at home, positive thought leaders or comfortable lounge wear, you are your customer, so make content they can relate to.

Book Review NakedPR Girl - Start With Why by Simon Sinek
Working from home can be an opportunity for growth

3) Keep going – I know at this time, it feels wrong. I know also there has been criticism. But we also know that (unless it was great fake news) that while in quarantine from the bubonic plague, Isaac Newton used his time working from home to develop calculus and theory of gravity. So how can you use your time? Don’t be scared to keep showing up. You still have a business to run and if people want you to survive, then they will be happy to see more of you and not less. Try also to have a little time away from the news, you’ll be surprised by how much you can get done when you focus on what. Be authentic and still show up.

Good luck everyone and stay safe. Connect with me on Instagram for weekly videos and guides.



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