Hiring a Photographer for Holiday or Business Trips

by | Feb 21, 2022 | Naked Feature

Ever thought about hiring a pro to take shots on abroad? I took a leap of faith and decided to max out my business trip to Dubai last November by hiring a photographer for an hour.


Why did I bother hiring a photographer for my Business Trip / Vacation? 

  • Last year I went to Dubai for five days for work.
  • Looking at my itinerary, I knew I had a few hours spare before I flew back to the UK.
  • I also knew that the chances of getting any nice photos or video while I was in Dubai were very slim.
  • I was there to create content for others so it wouldn’t be possible to spend time asking colleagues /strangers to take pictures or even busting out the tripod.

Instead, I decided to take the two free hours and look for a local photographer.




How did I find a photographer for my vacation / business trip?

  • My first stop, was Google and I found a company called Local Lens which was super clear on the offering.
  • I chose a 90 minute package and checked the style and previous work of all the local photographers in Dubai.
  • Once I had picked my time (leaving enough time to get to the airport), the photographers on their books confirmed who could make the shoot.



How did I pick a photographer for my vacation / business trip?

I picked Agnieszka (@dubai.love.story) and then we were connected directly as soon as I’d paid the 350 USD online. Local Lens operate in loads of other countries too, so I felt pretty confident that they knew exactly what they were doing. They also agreed that if anything went wrong and I couldn’t make it, I could transfer the fee to a London photographer.


What was the shoot like?

Agnieszka was really helpful and her local knowledge spared me a time consuming trip to the desert! Instead she recommended Dubai Old Town which was the perfect backdrop and very on-brand for me.

We picked a quiet early morning so I had plenty of time to get to the airport for my flight home. She recommended neutrals for the shoot and she was completely spot on!

It was the speediest, easiest shoot as she knew exactly the perfect spots to shoot and even the public bathrooms to get changed in.



How did I get my photos?

We were right on time and even managed to sneak in a few videos on my iPhone.

When I got home, I received a online gallery where I could download 45 high res photos and a further handful which were online online.

It was the perfect mix of close ups, full lengths, head shots. Agnieszka was friendly and knowledgable and made me feel completely at ease! I was back in the hotel in under two hours.


Take a look at them for your next vacay at Local Lens.



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