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Join PR experts Laura Sutherland of Aura PR and Claire Etchell aka NakedPRGirl for a free Zoom meeting to ensure you are communicating effectively and keeping front of mind, in this time of uncertainty.

Free virtual business planning and PR support
Free virtual business planning and PR support

Aimed at entrepreneurs and small businesses, this FREE call is brought to you by two PR professionals in your time of need. We’ll focus on:
• Content
• Social Media

We don’t claim to be business Gods with all the answers, but we do have over 20 years of experience in crisis PR and communication to help you.

This is a time to:
• State your biggest business challenge (each person will have the opportunity to ask a question around this challenge)
• See friendly faces
• Find out how you can innovate to survive 
• Get expert advice on what to do when the self isolation and social distancing from Coronavirus is over

You will have registered to attend the meeting, so we will add you to our database to continue to receive useful tips from us, but you can unsubscribe at any time.

If you have participated before, we will try to be fair and allow new people to ask their questions first.

We’re on Zoom so all you’ll need is to get the app and have a good broadband connection, then click on the link we will send you, once you register here.

1 Comment

  1. Hi there – would love to know if you’re planning anymore sessions?
    Thank you – missed this one!

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