The Personal Branding of Kate Moss

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Blog, Exposed

After looking at some of the most Controversial Women in History, it’s time to confront our modern day game-changers. This week I give you, Kate Moss.

Rock Chick | Contradiction | Resilient | Super Model 

Famous Quotes: ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ Kate Moss, interview with WWD, 2009

‘He told me to never complain, never explain.’ Kate Moss on advice from Johnny Depp in Vanity Fair, 2012

‘I want to live my life in a way that when I get really old, I can look back on my life and say, ahh I lived it, not survived it.’ Kate Moss, Vanity Fair, 2012.

Kate Moss is very much her own person, just when everyone is wearing baggy cargo pants, she was the first person to be spotted out wearing super skinny jeans, which FYI turn out to be the modern wardrobe staple. Mossy was a fresh faced teen at just 14 in 1988 when spotted at JFK airport by Sarah Doukas of Storm models and she has had a full and long lasting career, turning 40 earlier this year and still being on top of her game. The Kate Moss contradiction is that when she started out, for every innocent, fresh faced image, there’s another side to Kate Moss that is much more rebellious. She dated the Hollywood bad boy Johnny Depp in the 90s, becoming all rock chick and effortless cool, paving the way for a new kind of beauty, the ultra skinny waif-like figure was dismissed and heralded in equal measure.

And what does Kate Moss have to say for herself? Not a lot. From the early days she said she didn’t like the publicity machine, wasn’t a fan of interviews, so for all the adverts you see, all the endorsements, all the photo shoots, you rarely hear her speak as interviews are at a premium. The private nature has added to Kate’s allure but she’s never been too far from a controversial headline. Post Jonny Depp, she became part of the Primrose Hill set, dated bad boy rocker Pete Doherty before getting married to Jamie Hince where she famously remarked on going into church; ‘I thought we might all burst into flames, all the crap we’ve done’. She became Cocaine Kate in 2005 when she was caught out publicly for taking drugs. This became a national scandal, and although the fash pack may not have been surprised by this, the fashion brands took action and Burberry and Chanel shelved Kate Moss from their advertising campaigns before she issued an apology. Those days are long forgotten and now she’s back in the headlines, celebrating her 40th birthday as only Kate Moss can with a highly criticised Playboy magazine cover. Did she celebrate by doing what the hell she wanted? Or did she devalue herself by putting on her bunny ears? I would hazard a guess that brand Kate Moss doesn’t care what we think.



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