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This week I’ve been thinking about Controversial Men in History, but now I’m consider those modern bad boys who are hitting the headlines. Starting off with singer extraordinaire Justin Bieber.

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‘“I’m telling you, people. Everyday we wake up is another blessing. Follow your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you. Never say never.’  Justin Bieber 

‘Baby, baby, baby oooh, like baby, baby, baby oooh.’ Listen up kids, the baby-face Bieber is no more. Here are his coming of age steps:

1) quiffed hair in the manner of Gatsby – tick

2) tatoos and general shirtless behaviour – tick

3) music video cavorting with women – tick

4) yacht – tick


Bieber’s story so far (and he IS only 20) is the modern day fairytale, proof that anything is possible with a YouTube account. Just seven short years ago, Justin Drew Bieber’s mum uploaded videos of him singing on the internet. As luck would have it, in 2008 he was discovered via these videos by Scooter Braun, who signed him and he became a mega star. Scratch that, his level of fame is unmatched (except maybe by the mighty Kim Kardashian). From the young, hopeful pretender, Bieber has succesfully created a powerful and loyal base of supporters ‘Beliebers’ which have amassd to a stonking 53 million followers on Twitter (second only to Katy Perry), 64 million on Facebook (Shakira has 87 million – Inside Facebook), and his video for ‘Baby’ was the second video to hit the billion views mark (second after Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance – Wikipedia).

Bieber’s success has brought unprecedented attention and with it, there has been controversial moments. So loyal are his fans that they have supported him throughout, so what is it about Brand Bieber that bind them to him? He is not the first baby-faced sensation with lovely floppy, shiny hair and big eyes to amass unprecedented following. Take Donny Osmond…there were many other Osmond’s but he was the cutest, especially as he covered ‘Puppy Love’ with his trademark smile. Such was his wholesome popularity that his agent even considered rumours about drug arrests in an effort to keep him in the public eye (Wikipedia). We have a history of a soft spot for baby-faced men; Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Owen and even Brad Pitt can fall into that category (thanks to Daily Mail for that one), we seem to let them get away with an awful lot based on looks, and link up looking innocent with being innocent.

Bieber has suffered no such problems. Alongside his voice breaking, he teamed up with different rappers to add an edge to his performance. And off the stage he started to rack up controversy too. From rumours of drugs to arrests, being late to gigs, roaming around shirtless, to altercations with paparazzi and romancing the ladies, there’s always plenty to talk about. However the one thing which has given Bieber an extra layer (as it were) is a story that almost sounds too crazy to be true. Reports surfaced that whilst in Ibiza, Bieber had goaded fellow baby-face celebrity Orando Bloom by saying ‘Say hi to your wife to me’ at which point Bloom flew over a sofa to try and land a punch on Bieber. The rumours are that the pint-size pop star had a dalliance with Bloom’s wife and Victoria Secret’s model Miranda Kerr. Wow. The only thing that makes it even meatier is that Leonardo DiCaprio was there restraining Bloom. Sounds all very Jeremy Kyle show! And yet to rub salt into the wound, Bieber posted a naughty picture on Instagram of Bloom appearing to cry captioned by only a crown.

There are rumblings that Bieber may have reached his peak, which may remain unfounded, but certainly he has made it to the summit of manhood, whether he turns into a good man remains unknown. Perhaps diametrically opposed to his image is his Twitter quotes, which seem to match his early brand and persona than his new ‘bad boy’ look. He is a complex character for sure, and there are certainly only two or three people who have enjoyed or endured his level of fame – what people probably don’t know is that he has also been investing in technology start-ups and supports a number of charities. So far a rags to riches story, he is now worth an estimated $80 million (Forbes)  Bieber’s destiny is in his own hands.



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