Black Box Thinking: The Surprising Truth About Success by Matthew Syed

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REVIEW: How can we learn from our mistakes? Why do some people do this and others don’t? Matthew looks at the power of a positive attitude towards failure and it’s profound impact on success in any field.

The book grabs you right from the offset and comparisons between the NHS and the Aviation Industry come thick and fast. Many engaging stories and anecdotes are used which show how the human psyche has the potential to deal with failure but this is often disregarded especially in high pressure, high stress situations. The book reveals a framework for how to use mistakes as learning tools and turn short-term failures into long-term success.

Black Box Thinking: The Surprising Truth About Success by Matthew Syed

This book will teach you how to deal with failure and become an effective ‘Black Box Thinker’ – unpicking, unpacking, analysis and moving on.

Highly recommended.

AUTHOR: Matthew Syed

PUBLISHED: Great Britain 2015 by John Murray Publishers

Note – this post contains some affiliate links so if you purchase the book from the link below I receive a small percentage of the sale. My reviews are always open & honest.


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