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When I started out, Social Media didn't exist, but now it quite literally is everywhere, on your phone ALL the time. For better or for worse, it is omnipresent in the modern world so embracing it can create a community and reach your customers.  Finding the channels that work for you (and covert for you) is essential and creating content that is relevant is the key to engaging with your customers. Your Content and Social Media are more than just fun, fluffy bits, they also help your SEO as your blogs will include your keywords and links plus social shares can help your Google ranking.

NakedPRGirl_Claire_Etchell_Fashion_PR_Work_With_Me_Marketing_LondonI can help you assess what is working, your social media strategy and where to direct your energy. We'll put together a content plan to follow, think of fun low cost ideas for your blog and look at creating original content to engage your following.