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Brand identity is often what you fall in love with. It is more than just a logo, it is the magical thread that runs through your company and binds everything together.

If you're feeling a disconnect between your business, your identity and your customers, it can be good to get a pair of external eyes to have a look at it.

It could be as simple as you are working in silos rather than a cohesive organisation. Or perhaps your external image isn't matching your internal ethos. Or that your customers have lost a little confidence. Or your PR message has fallen off.

How I Work

Tell me what's going on? It's like therapy! Share your business with me, and I'll take a look, do the research and find out where the problem is. We'll work on brand image, the words you're using to communicate, how you appear online and offline and how to move forward. Don't have a brand book? We'll make one. Employees all confused about what the company stands for? We'll sort that. Need a visual identity? I'll help you find the team to build it. Press ignoring you? Let's work on that. Contact me here.

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