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Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships

Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships AUTHOR/S: Eric Berne PUBLISHED: December 1964 by Penguin Books and reissued in 2010 REVIEW: How can we gain a greater understanding of our fellow humans? Why do people do what they do, say what they say, think what they think? This book is a blast from the…
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GETTING NAKED WITH TIME OUT LONDON TASTEMAKERS In 2015 Time Out London launched their Tastemaker community which aimed to add 200 London reviewers to their books and luckily I was one of them - you can read my original blog post from when I joined here. It has been such a success that it is…
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Getting Naked With Interview Paula Fry aka CityFashGal

Getting Naked With Paula Fry aka CityFashGal I first met Paula Fry through her digital persona, @CityFashGal and thought she was hilariously funny. Fast forward six months and I was sat with her discussing a DONNA IDA shopping event in the veryyyyy plush offices of the financial company she works for. CityFashGirl does exactly what…
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Black Box Thinking: The Surprising Truth About Success by Matthew Syed

Black Box Thinking: The Surprising Truth About Success AUTHOR: Matthew Syed PUBLISHED: Great Britain 2015 by John Murray Publishers REVIEW: How can we learn from our mistakes? Why do some people do this and others don’t? Matthew looks at the power of a positive attitude towards failure and it’s profound impact on success in any…
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NAKED REVIEW – Think Small by Owain Service & Rory Gallagher

Think Small - The Surprisingly Simple Ways to Reach Big Goals AUTHOR/S: Owain Service & Rory Gallagher PUBLISHED: Great Britain 2017 by Michael O Mara Books Ltd REVIEW: How can thinking small help you reach much bigger goals and ambitions? This book will show you how and provides a simple framework to do just that.…
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NAKED REVIEW – Bounce – How Champions Are Made by Matthew Syed

Bounce - How Champions Are Made AUTHOR/S: Matthew Syed PUBLISHED: Great Britain 2010 by Harper Collins Publishers REVIEW: How can you find the hidden secrets to success - in sports, business, music and just about anything you want to turn your hand to? Search no more as this book will show you some interesting and…
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NAKED REVIEW – The Chimp Paradox by Dr Steve Peters

The Chimp Paradox AUTHOR/S: Professor Steve Peters PUBLISHED: Great Britain 2012 by Edbury Publishing REVIEW: How can you manage your mind so that you can conquer your fears, operate with greater control, focus and confidence? Prof Peters has some great ideas and systems to enable us to learn how do just that. “If you measure…
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Guide to Italy – Sorrento, Amalfi Coast & Capri

NAKED PR GUIDE TO ITALY - SORRENTO, AMAFI COAST, & CAPRI - Italy is colourful and passionate and wonderful. It has fresh sharp lemons and the juiciest oranges and brightest flowers. It has narrow coastal roads that have been nicknamed Mamma Mia from the shock visitors express on their first experience as they overlook sharp drops…
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