There’s A Problem With Rihanna’s BBHMM Video

Rihanna’s latest video ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ has been creating a stir across the globe. And why not? It features enough marketing ploys to make sure it hits all the digital front pages and zooms straight to the top of the social media search bar; nudity and violence. Current plays on YouTube stand at over 4.5 million hits and just as everyone is revelling in the hit of this Tarantino style movie condensed into seven exquisite minutes, let’s take a look at why it shouldn’t have been a hit.


Off the back of Madonna being violent in What It Feels Like For A Girl, Beyonce and Lady Gaga teaming up to be common criminals in Telephone and Taylor Swift creating the hottest looking army known to mankind in Bad Blood, Rihanna has gone the extra mile. Glamorising violence is my least favourite techniques in marketing. Sure it gets the hits, but why is it ok to have Rihanna and co looking fabulous with her yacht and her parties and her gun looking cool smoking a fag and stringing up a hot topless woman to torture her? If this had been a man in Rihanna’s position there would have been uproar. Isn’t violence in any formats abhorrent? Why is it ok for us to torture and be violent to women because it is a woman doing it?

Maybe as I said about Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video, it is good that women are able to create videos that are on the same playing field as men. But I reiterate it is a slippery slope. Men glamorising violence is irresponsible, women who follow are just as irresponsible. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Think about the violent world we live in today because it reminds me of the line in Robbie Williams' Make Me Pure song, ‘every country get the president she deserves.’ Bestowing our admiration for these violent videos will never help to get the society we dream of.

Make your own mind up:

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