NAKED TRUTH – Future Job Interviews in 2025

In the future what do you think job interviews will look like? Will we be scoring job interviews based on our brand image? Our outfits? Or even our social media profile? Will you even have interviews? Given that in this day and age we're more concerned with reach than real life, how long is it before interviews become a matter of virtual Olympics before you get the job? Or will it be a digital/real life hybrid?

barbarella_future_jb_interviewIn the future will big hair and a metallic outfit be key to landing the job?

Here's what a job interview might look like in 2025:

1) Training
From the second you're born in 2025 you'll be assessed and assigned to a career path based on your DNA, personality profiling and brain scans. You'll be popped in a 'school' that looks more like The Island (remember with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson). Or better yet, we'll take a leaf out of Superman's book and look to the Kryptonians - as Jor-El explains; 'All Kryptonians were conceived in chambers such as this. Every child was designed to perform a predetermined role in our society as a worker, a warrior, a leader, and so on.' No need to think about what you might like to, no that will be done for you!

The_Island_Job_Interview_NakedPRGirlWe'll all wear white and our roles will be pre-selected

2) Your CV
Who needs a CV? Duh. By 2025 Google will have joined with Linked In to create Googlink a virtual room of people. Recruiters can just pop on their Google Glass and be transported to a room of people pitching to them. Imagine a market stall! If you join Linked In plus you'll probably be able to advertise your skills on virtual billboards a la Minority Report. Obvs.

Minority_report_BW Googlink powered by Google Glass. Think Tom Cruise in Minority Report looking for a job.

3) Job Hunting
Come on, you have to stand out!!! In 2025 it's best to put up a few re targeting adverts to appeal to recruiters. Kim Kardashian West's bum baring, full frontal antics kickstarted a revolution. It's all about what you look like. Take her lead and get your best assests out. It's not degrading, it's EMPOWERING. Break the Internet, get the job.

Kim_Kardashian_BW_job_interviews copyKim demonstrates how your talents can go viral

4) Your interview
Skype interviews will be replaced by The Matrix style job interviews in 2025. Just sitting around in your flat in your pjs? No problem. Not washed your hair for six weeks? Fine! Just plug into The Matrix and you're in the virtual interview room wearing your finest clothes with full hair and makeup. Good job the office is virtual too.

Matrix_Job_interviewsJust plug into The Matrix wearing your PJs and you'll wake up clad in leather

5) Your Digital Personality
Hmm now then we all know amazing digital people that struggle to translate to real life, well don't worry. Personality of a pot plant? Eek. Mask it with a cracking virtual profile? Great! Followers matter more than anything else. How many you got? A million on Instagram? Fab. You're hired.

instagram_grey_potplant_nakedprgirl_croppedMake sure you are a leading Insta-twat

6) Shall we go through the legals?
No need for that! Your every move is calculated and verified by iGoogleBook - the Facebook/Google/apple hybrid. With finger scanners, eye recognition (a la Mission Impossible) and DNA uploaded at birth, you're just one integration away from your next job.

Mission_Impossible_Job_InterviewsLook into my eyes Tom, look into my eyes

7) Hang on, have the machines won?
Well yah. What do you need to go out for? Apart from allowing your computer to select the most 'Instagrammable' clothes a la Cher Horwitz from Clueless which you then slide into a la Wallace and Gromit style, put on your self lacing trainers/boots from Back to the Future and probs fly around a bit in your cape Matrix style? Yah?

cher_horwitz_instgagram_computerWhich outfit will look better on Instagram? Which one!?!?

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