ElleUK launched their #ELLEFASHIONCUPBOARD concept (does it need the hashtag? I'm going to use the hashtag) in SS14 as part of their radical office redesign and overhaul of the model of the magazine. The business direction was spearheaded by forward-thinking editor in chief Lorraine Candy who was inspired to create a 360 degree view of Elle with online and the physical pages of the magazine becoming omnichannel. No more separate web team, everyone would be writing articles, putting them online and using social media. Genius!


The second phase of this which would underline this new direction was to change the ElleUK office to mirror this, so the ELLEUK office was transformed from a regular, normal office into a ‘Ugly Betty, Mode’ inspired ‘Fashion Cupboard’ complete with a high tech glossy shop front in the middle of the office for brands to showcase in. It is beyond forward thinking, it has a hot desk policy, and a flatline structure so Lorraine sits with her team, it also has a cool photo booth in the corner and an open plan office and you have yourself a place of shared creativity equalling content and social media heaven. This is a way of capitalising on Elle’s brand, on their status as a fashion brand, a leader, which consumers and external brands alike are trying to appeal to.


The new ElleUK concept is now nearly 6 months old and seems to be successful. The physical magazine has a clean, slick, modern feel with footnotes and snippets of information dotted about for the time poor scim-reader. There's Twitter handles, hashtags galore and drivers online on every page. Everything marries up online, but it is the #ELLEFASHIONCUPBOARD that stands out as the big innovation.

Elle Editor Lorraine Candy

Elle Editor Lorraine Candy

Ultimately this is about revenue. Brands can sponsor the Fashion Cupboard to showcase or advertise their brand. The creative content is used to captivate consumers, with the Fashion Cupboard information updated with content every 45 minutes and includes fancy gadgets like shaking your mobile to change the view. Trendy technology aside, this promotes ElleUK's mobile innovation and will seek to capture their young audience where 30% of their traffic are arriving via a mobile device. Creative content can be the same across all channels but even better if you are creating specific content to work with the channel and your audience. All in all it is looking pretty slick and is the most innovative concept in consumer glossies right now. See more on

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