Naked Event - Frida Kahlo's Making Her Self Up Exhibition At The V&A

Naked Event – Frida Kahlo’s Making Her Self Up Exhibition At The V&A

I’m going to come clean and admit that the first time I heard of world famous Frida Kahlo was when I went to a briefing at Grosvenor’s swanky Mayfair offices as they talked through plans for the year. I’m not sure HOW exactly I managed to avoid it – is this the Love Island equivalent in the art world perhaps? But miss it I did.

Frida Kahlo V&A Museum - NakedPR Girl


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Frida Kahlo Mural Ecclestone Square Belgravia Grosvenor - NakedPR Girl

Getting Naked with Interview - Caroline Corcoran

Getting Naked with Interview – Caroline Corcoran

I met Caroline Corcoran through my dear friend Rachel Tompkins (who I interviewed here) and got to know her by drinking copious amounts of wine on Rachel’s hen do and wedding.

Caroline’s a Freelance Editor and Writer, who started out at 3am online (the Mirror’s Showbiz section), before joining Fabulous magazine and moving on to be Deputy Editor at Sugar…I can feel the glitz and glamour from here! Since she went freelance Caroline has built on her vast experience writing on lifestyle and popular culture for a varied range of top titles including glossy magazines from Stylist, Grazia, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire, to leading newspapers like The Telegraph and The Guardian plus she has embraced digital with content appearing on The Pool and Refinery 29. Caroline’s strength is her ability to diversify and she’s moved effortlessly into copywriting, plus she’s contributed to radio and TV channels, written celebrity biographies AND has her own novel on the way, ensuring that writing is at the core of all her projects.

Caroline is quick, witty, loves a good pun and exudes a calm, confidence and sensitivity that engender trust. When I was researching Caroline’s career, I found that Susan Riley, Editor of Stylist had said it even better than I ever could: “When I’m looking for a clever, funny spin on a news story, the first person I think of commissioning is Caroline. She pitches original, timely ideas and consistently files sparkling copy that I can put straight through, which is such a valuable and rare skill in a freelancer – and essential when you’re working on a daily deadline.”

I chatted to Caroline about changes in the industry, what it means for journalists and how she juggles her freelance world:

NakedPRGirl: Where are you from and where did you grow up?

Caroline Corcoran: I grew up in the north west and I now live on the Wirral peninsula between Liverpool and North Wales after relocating recently. Before that I was in London for 13 years.

NakedPRGirl: What did you study? When did you decide you wanted to be a journalist?

Caroline Corcoran: I studied English Lit at Sheffield University, then did my postgraduate course in magazine journalism at City University. I decided at school, I think, doing school newspapers etc (though a careers ‘advisor’ once told me that it wasn’t the career for me as I’d filled in a form saying I didn’t fancy working shifts. News for you careers advisor: magazines start work at 9.30am and you’re usually in the pub by 6.30).

NakedPRGirl: How did you get your big break?

Caroline Corcoran: Two places. I worked at the Liverpool Echo in my summers from university after doing work experience there, which gave me a great portfolio to take with me to my City interview. Then when I was at City I did work experience at Sugar magazine and from there went on to get a junior writer job.

NakedPRGirl: You spent many years working in Showbiz at 3am and The Mirror, how did you find that? Was it super competitive?

Caroline Corcoran: I was actually only there for a year or so but I’ve worked at showbiz magazines like Heat too. Always on the desk-based side though, on features, editing and writing and coming up with ludicrous captions. I’m not the one out at the parties, chasing the stories, I’d be rubbish at that!

NakedPRGirl: How has the world of celebrity changed? Have the Kardashian’s altered everything forever?

Caroline Corcoran: It’s altered hugely since I worked at Heat etc, the sales figures say it all – people won’t wait for magazines now, the major change is that we get celeb news instantly via Instagram/ the celebs’ own blogs etc. So yes, in that way – and, er, in the way we view bums – the Kardashians probably have altered everything forever.

NakedPRGirl: How has social media and online changed how we report on celebrity?

Caroline Corcoran: Hugely. So many stories now lead on social media, ‘Twitter furious that XXX’, ‘XXX posts sexy Insta snap from holiday’ blah blah blah, it just means that the celebrities take matters into their own hands a lot. And it’s much harder for traditional news outlets to keep pace with that.

NakedPRGirl: You’re now freelance, how did you manage to go self-employed? How does that differ to full time? What do you like about it?

Caroline Corcoran: Yes, I’ve been freelance for five years now and I love it. Firstly it gives me the freedom to work from anywhere. I moved to France for six months with my partner a few years ago and now we have a little boy, it’s given us the option to move out of London and live near the beach which makes me very happy. Secondly, and more work-based, it means I get huge diversity in what I write about. It’s not unusual for me to be writing a 2000 word Marie Claire report while doing a food and drink piece for Emerald Street and a TV review for Digital Spy.

NakedPRGirl: From your profile, I can see you are super varied, do you like being able to write on lots of different topics?

Caroline Corcoran: Yes, I do. Maybe it just suits my brain but I’m not a political junkie or someone obsessed with fashion, however I do love pop culture and keep abreast of the zeitgeist and that feeds into various different areas, all of which I then get to write about.

NakedPRGirl: How has digital changed your industry and what do you think the future of journalism will look like?

Caroline Corcoran: It’s changed it beyond recognition and because of that, I don’t think any of us know what the next wave will involve and what the hell the future will look like either. But I’m relaxed about it. It will exist, in some form, because people love reading stories and good writing. It means for us that the industry will still be there too, we’ve just got to be open to how it adapts.

NakedPRGirl: I spotted you also write books, how did the one, for example on Beyonce come about? What’s the next one you’re working on?

Caroline Corcoran: Yes, I’ve written three celebrity biographies, commissioned in much the same way as a feature, through contacts who thought I would be the right person to write them. And the process was similar to writing a feature too really, doing your research, crafting your structure and plan, then writing them. Just A LOT longer! And excitingly arrives with its own cover.

The latest one is very different though – I have just finished my first novel, Through The Wall which I’ve been writing for the last two years.

NakedPRGirl: What’s your favourite social media channel?

Caroline Corcoran: Everyone around me loves Instagram but I find it a little showy-offy… Sorry, everyone! I know it’s not cool and it’s very over but I’m a news/ good writing junkie and I love Twitter for the many links it gives me. It’s nice and quiet now from people’s opinions because no-one posts on there any more so now, I just happily pick up lots of great links and read some interesting stuff.

NakedPRGirl: Do you ever get bad feedback from opinion pieces, and how do you deal with that?

Caroline Corcoran: Oh yes! I’ve had the odd Twitter spat with celebrities and I don’t deal with it well, to be honest and would feel terrible if anything I wrote upset anybody which is why I don’t tackle particularly controversial issues and have shied away from more contentious opinion writing. I hugely admire people who do it – they just have thicker skins than me.

NakedPRGirl: Do you think of your role as part marketer?

Caroline Corcoran: Yes, in fact these days I do a lot of copywriting as well as journalism and sometimes – often – the two cross over.

NakedPRGirl: How do you structure your working day?

Caroline Corcoran: Hmm, often I have a really odd working day structure because a lot of my work is now done in toddler naps and evenings, as I have a one year-old. But on my full work days, I tend to write for deadlines in the mornings and do ideas/ research for more ongoing pieces in the afternoon when I need a change. Then I often finish writing in the evening. Everything feels a lot calmer when people aren’t pinging over quite so many emails so I’ve always loved writing then.

NakedPRGirl: Do you have any advice for aspiring journalists?

Caroline Corcoran: Be open to change. The industry is evolving constantly and if you are determined that you’ll only write XYZ you aren’t (unless you are a real exception) going to be able to make a living. I often juggle the pieces/ projects that I want to do that don’t make much money with other less glamorous work that does.

NakedPRGirl: I love your section on your website (some really lovely comments), how important is networking to you? Who inspires you to spend time with?

Caroline Corcoran: I’ve always been rubbish at networking for networking’s sake but handily I’ve just met some really lovely people in this industry who I’ve wanted to hang out with and who have become great contacts. There is a certain sense of humour, buzz and a certain camaraderie in the industry that is pretty special and hanging out with other journalists always, always results in belly laughs and big ideas.

NakedPRGirl: What’s your style? Any wardrobe staples?

Caroline Corcoran: Very different to when I worked in an office! When you work from home there are a lot of Hush luxe joggers going on. But when I do venture out, I am a big advocate of jumpsuits and a really good trouser silhouette with a wide leg and fitted tucked in tops. I love & Other Stories, Zara, the aforementioned Hush and of course H&M.

NakedPRGirl: Are there any brands/people or magazines you’d love to work with?

Caroline Corcoran: I’ve been lucky enough to work for a lot of the ones that were on my list. I think the industry has changed so much that now those ‘dream’ jobs and places don’t exist in the same way and so now I feel much more open to where things go. A lot of my favourite websites didn’t exist a few years ago and I’m always open to new places and new ideas.

NakedPRGirl: What’s your strategy for the future? Where would you like to be in ten years time?

Caroline Corcoran: If this novel goes well, I would like to write books. And maybe scripts. Writing’s a pretty adaptable skill and I’m not wedded to only doing it in one field. But mostly I’m not a planner, I just roll with it and as long as I get to write in some form for a living, I feel pretty lucky with that.

NakedPR Girl - Interview with Caroline Corcoran

Visit Caroline’s website and follow her on Twitter

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Book Review - Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Book Review – Start With Why by Simon Sinek

There’s a good reason why Simon Sinek’s ‘Start With Why’comes highly recommended by brain training expert Jim Kwik, and that’s because it’s frigging awesome and will revolutionise the way you approach your working life.

The important thing Sinek teaches us in this groundbreaking book is to find our passion for life because that is ultimately what will inspire us to inspire others and be a great leader in business. By using examples from global businesses including Apple, Microsoft and Starbucks plus CEOs, thinkers and entrepreneurs, Sinek dissects their successes and chronicles their challenges in order to inspire others to be successful in their careers.

Book Review NakedPR Girl - Start With Why by Simon Sinek

This book recommendation came at a very opportune time for me because I have been re-evaluating my own business in these changing times. Not only is the media landscape altering with print titles continuing to close down with Look Magazine is a recent closure but retail is in turmoil with the high street diminishing before our eyes with House of Fraser and Mothercare being the latest on the high street to shut stores. With that in mind, I packed ‘Start With Why’ in my suitcase and headed to Alicante to make notes from my sun lounger last week. So here are my key takeaways:

Why create trust? Why do you do it?
Sinek argues that leadership is about creating loyalty and trust but I’d never thought of it this way. I’ve been selling my consultancy as a salesman would, all facts and figures, all about years of experience, column inches and milestones. But Sinek shows very confidently we must show our ‘why’ and explain our passion. Sinek uses a Golden Circle to look at Why, How, What you communicate what you do. It is easy to start off with WHAT YOU DO but instead try thinking about WHY YOU DO IT first.

The feeling of trust is lodged squarely in the same place as the way the limbic brain and it often powerful enough to trump empirical research or at least seed doubt.Simon Sinek

My passion is to demystify, inspire and educate in the world of PR so I can help entrepreneurs and businesses be successful. Steve Jobs ‘why’ was about innovation and creating something different, they just happen to also sell computers. This passion and confidence infused the entire company through employees and into customers. A strong why can make your company sticky, and the founder, an inspiration.

Why find your tribe?
A few years ago I worked with a fashion client I believed in but almost immediately I realised they didn’t believe in me. This is the kind of client that would say ‘my last PR was terrible, they couldn’t get any coverage.’ And I thought I could do better. We all know how that story will end because ladies and gents, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink!

A management consultant friend of mine was hired by a billion dollar company to help it fulfil its goals and aspirations. The problem was she explained, no matter the issue, the company’s managers were always drawn to the quicker , cheaper option over the better long-term solution. Just like the habitual dieter, ‘they never have the time or money to do it right the first time but they always have the time and money to do it again.’” Simon Sinek

The problem was, they didn’t believe what I believed, they didn’t see the value in working hard, putting passion into content and looking at long term goals. Instead they would ask me ‘how do we make money online?’ We were a mismatch from day one and Sinek teaches us that this cannot happen in business. The reason is that it’s a passion mismatch and you’ll be wasting your time and energy in the wrong direction.

They just don’t get it” our gut tells us. The importance of identifying this group is so that you can avoid doing business with them. Why invest good money and energy to go after people who at the end of the day, will do business with you anyway if you meet the practical requirements but will never be loyal if you don’t.Simon Sinek

I have worked up my own ‘red flag’ warning system over the years and although I still make missteps to this day, I hope I don’t make the fundamental errors of my past.

Why is charisma key?

Charisma has nothing to do with energy it comes from clarity of why it comes from an absolute conviction in a bigger ideal than oneself.Simon Sinek

My friend who works for a bank has a boss who uses energy as a yardstick for hiring. Because it is possible to fake energy and enthusiasm in an interview, the turnover of staff in his department is really high. Charisma is something else entirely and leaders have to possess this in order to communicate their vision. Sinek looks at the style of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, much more measured and considered than you would expect. But he points out, that you hang off every word when he speaks – charisma over energy.He also points out that Martin Luther King Jr gave the ‘I have a dream’ speech rather than a ‘I have a plan’ speech – true right!

Energy motivates the charisma inspires. Energy is easy to see easy to measure and easy to copy. Charisma is hard to find near impossible to measure and to allusive to copy. All great leaders have charisma because all great leaders have clarity of why and on dying belief in a purpose or calls bigger than themselves.Simon Sinek

Why and how do you make it happen?
There’s a very good reason why partnerships are key in business – bringing a creative visionary (the Why) together with the strategic doer (the how). There are more successful duos than you can shake a stick at (and I don’t just mean Ant and Dec), look at Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

If it hadn’t been for my big brother I’d have been in jail several times checks bouncing said Walt Disney only half joking to Los Angeles audience in 1957.Simon Sinek

Why do you need to make mistakes and learn from them?
A ha! I have done that right?If you find your why, your purpose, then every failure is just a step in the right direction. If you don’t have passion, the project will inevitably fail. So be true to yourself and pick your path wisely.

Thomas Edison a man definitely driven by higher course said: ‘I didn’t find a way to make a lightbulb I found 1000 ways how not to make one.’” Simon Sinek

Why is it a long game?
Business is all about generating new ideas and revenue but the cold hard facts of a spreadsheet never indicate the emotional health and long term prospects of the company. While you can be busy innovating and working on future proofing your business, you might have to go through some tough patches – and you’ll not be the only one.

Wall Street is in the business of making money between now and next Tuesday where in the business of building an organisation and institution that we hope will be here 15 years from now. And pay good wages and keeping people working with you it’s very good business.” Simon Sinek quoting Cosco Founder Jim Sinegal who famously pay staff 40% more than industry average to create incredible loyalty.

Why do you believe in your vision?

Henry Ford said: ‘If you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right.’ He was a brilliant why guy who change the way Industry works.Simon Sinek

The vision for companies can be so crucial that when it is gone, if a CEO / founder leaves, then the What is all you’ve got left which can lead to a very empty company. Sinek looks at the impact of departing leaders from Wal-mart after Sam Walton, Apple during Steve Jobs’ absence and also the significance of Howard Schultz CEO of Starbucks who departed in 2000 but pioneered the idea of the coffee house as the ‘third space’ between work and home.

This is what Sinek calls the School Bus Test – “if a founder or leader was to be hit by a school bus, would the organisation continue to thrive at the same pace without them at the helm.”

Enthusing a whole organisation with your why is key. Hiring those who share your why will ensure survival

My Why
After reading Sinek’s book I thought long and hard about my ‘Why’ and so I rewrote my About Me section with my motivation first. I’ve always been in this business to make a better world, to celebrate great marketers, teach others how to thrive in PR & marketing and inspire others in my field. And now, I hope I’ve communicated that properly – let me know!

Buy Start With Why from Amazon

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Book Review NakedPR Girl - Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Getting Naked With Sam Burgess

Getting Naked With Sam Burgess

You’ve probably already heard of Sam Burgess or @SocialMouthSam as she is known on social media. The effervescent, larger than life, super honest, fluff free marketing expert has made a name for herself amongst the small business community for her Small & Mighty community. Her Podcasts are a masterclass for businesses with industry experts and she’s created her own Small & Mighty Challenges to galvanise independent companies and freelancers to push their marketing boundaries. I was first introduced to Sam when she interviewed Donna Ida Thornton on her Podcast, but it was in April this year that via Antonia Taylor PR, I embraced the Small & Mighty Instagram Stories Challenge and put my face on camera for 30 days! What started out as a lot of ‘erms’ slowly improved and now I’m pretty fearless about chatting on camera. The best news? The proof was in the pudding, my DMs were pinging away, my followers inched up and my profile views and traffic increased – who knew, people wanted to see behind the grid? It is this straight talking and realness that have made Sam so popular! let’s delve into how she got there and what the future holds.

NakedPRGirl: Where are you from originally and where do you live now?

Sam Burgess: I’m originally from Horsham, West Sussex but I now live in Hampton, in the borough of Richmond Upon Thames.

NakedPRGirl: What did you study? What was your first job?

Sam Burgess: I just about scraped my GCSE’s after being expelled from boarding school at 15. I went on to college to do AS levels, but academia wasn’t for me and left after the first year. My first proper job was in banking as a cashier, I was promoted several times, and at 18 I was offered a Branch Manager role. It was at this point that I realised I was on the wrong career path, so I moved into fashion retail where I stayed for 12 years working in numerous roles from shop floor to head office.

NakedPRGirl: What was your big break?

Sam Burgess: I wouldn’t say I’ve had a big break, I’ve worked bloody hard for everything I have achieved, I feel everything accomplished has been an accumulation of the work that has gone before it. For me though the turning point was starting Social Mouth and everything from that decision has snowballed.

NakedPRGirl: Tell me about Social Mouth, what is the idea behind it?

Sam Burgess: I started Social Mouth back in early 2016. I’ve always wanted to work for myself, I am from a family of entrepreneurs, and it felt natural to me that I would do my own thing one day.
The change for me came in January 2016. I was sat in a meeting with a social media agency who were tendering for a contract with the retailer I worked for. They wanted an extortionate amount of money (of which we had available in our budget) to execute ideas I had already come up with, and it got me thinking about who was helping the independent retailers on the high street. All this news about high streets dying and it was hardly surprising if there was no affordable support available to them. I worked for an independent retailer for the four years leading up to the 2007 recession – sadly the retailer didn’t make it out the other side. Had social media been as prominent then as it is now, I am sure that it would have weathered the storm. All these thoughts were rattling around in my head, and I felt that I was receiving a calling, to make a change and to help others and so, Social Mouth was born just five weeks later!

NakedPRGirl: How did you come up with the business plan? And name? Who did your branding for you?

Sam Burgess: From initial idea to start I had five weeks, I handed my notice in within 48-hours of deciding to leave my job and then I had to come up with a business plan. Once I had my business plan, I pitched to my dad for some initial cash to help cover the mortgage while I found my feet. He made me pitch like I was on Dragon’s Den!

My branding and name was all my work, and it was a lot of impulsive decisions. I knew I wanted to help business owners “to find their voice online” and the name Social Mouth just seemed to fit the bill. I wasn’t planning to necessarily trade as that as I chose it quite spur of the moment just to register my company, but I’ve had so many compliments on it, and my Instagram handle “Social Mouth Sam” has really stuck!

NakedPRGirl: What’s your USP?

Sam Burgess: I only help independent creative product based businesses where the business owner is prepared to be the face of their brand. What sets me apart is I am commercial and have vast retail experience, so I know a lot about selling and about consumer behaviour, which is all fundamental when it comes to marketing your business. There is way too much “fluff’ out there; nobody seems to be saying what people want to hear and need to know. There is also far too much emphasis on having a great brand, take pretty photos for Instagram and sit on your bum because the sales will come! There is so much more to marketing than aesthetics.

NakedPRGirl: Do you have a particular career highlight that stands out?

Sam Burgess: I had a very successful career before I started working for myself, but I’d say the biggest career highlight has been the people I’ve been able to interview for my podcast, Holly Tucker and Kristina Karlsson are both favourites and getting to have that one-to-one time with two highly successful retailers was just amazing!

NakedPRGirl: How do initiatives like #smallandmightystories come about? How do you see this contributing to the industry?

Sam Burgess: I’m all about challenging my followers and pushing my community out of their comfort zones. Stories are the place to be right now, with Instagram Story sharing soon to surpass Instagram post sharing, and yet it is still under-utilised by small businesses; mainly due to fear. It takes thirty days to make or break a habit, and we love to do things together for support, and for some healthy competition. I’m a huge fan of the #meetthehmaker monthly challenge. However I hear reports from those who use it that it only really connects them with other makers and not customers. Using my marketing methodology and the 80:20 rule; the Stories challenge was born. What has blown my mind, is not the number of participants (714 at the last count) but the sheer number of businesses that were shocked at how this increased their audience size, engagement and SALES!

NakedPRGirl: What’s your personal style? Have you had to look at marketing yourself as a brand?

Sam Burgess: I am my brand. I am a no fluff, commercial and strategic marketing consultant.

Getting Naked with Interview - Sam Burgess

NakedPRGirl: How do you use social media for your business? What’s your favourite social media channel? Do you have any social media tips?

Sam Burgess: I built my business on social media! Instagram is my preferred channel, but I have a lot of love for Facebook Groups as well. My top tip for social media is that you don’t have to be everywhere, you’re better to be on one channel and doing a fantastic job and building an engaged tribe, rather than spreading yourself thinly across multiple channels. If you only want to be on one channel and your customer is aged between 25 and 55 and of either gender, you should be on Instagram!

NakedPRGirl: Is Instagram the main channel you generate business and revenue from? Does this differ from a few years ago?

Sam Burgess: Yes and no. A lot of my business comes from word of mouth these days or off the back of my podcast, but Instagram is often where people will reach out to me as I am very responsive on direct message. When I first started my business the majority of my traffic and revenue was as a result of Google Ads, but they wouldn’t be right for my business now, and I don’t actually do any paid for advertising.

NakedPRGirl: How have you seen your industry changing over the last few years?

Sam Burgess: Well, first thing is there is a lot of inaccurate advice and a lot of people capitalising on teaching others how to build an Instagram following. The most significant issue with this is they are influencers and not businesses, and what works for one may well not work for another, so this is a constant battle that I fight.
Secondly, the most prominent change is the step away from “picture perfect”. Users on social media want to see real, they don’t want to see overly perfected lives or businesses – they want a bit of rough and ready and transparency, I believe that this is why Instagram Stories has become such a runaway success.

NakedPRGirl: Where do you see it evolving in the future?

Sam Burgess: Live streaming! Its already there, but I see this becoming a bigger thing in the future.

NakedPRGirl: How do you manage your blog/social media workload – are you a planner and a scheduler? And do you get techy in the back end?

Sam Burgess: My blog posts are very much when I feel there is a topic that needs the written word; otherwise, I would default to my Instagram Stories, so they are written sporadically and when I am in a writing mood, which isn’t often. Social Media, however, is planned, for Twitter I use Buffer, Facebook Meet Edgar and Instagram Planoly. I only schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter. I plan my content 90 days at a time, focussing firstly on what I need to promote and when (20% sales) and then the other 80% is concentrated on adding value to my consumer and building my brand and tribe. Although I plan, I am not rigid and do change things last minute.

NakedPRGirl: How important is your Instagram grid? Do you plan everything in advance?

Sam Burgess: Photo quality and relevance to your audience are essential, but I do not get hung up on the overall aesthetic. I’ve had clients come to me telling me they can’t share any green products because their Instagram aesthetic doesn’t have green in it! I share what I think will capture the hearts and minds of my target customer; even if it doesn’t look perfect next to the photos around it. I listened to a talk with the four Heads of Instagram and one of them said “nobody cares about your aesthetic but you”. If you think about it, once someone follows you they never really look at your gallery/grid as whole as they will interact with your content in their feed.

NakedPRGirl: Tell me about your Podcast, why did you start this up? Who do you chat to? Do you encourage others to start a Podcast up?

Sam Burgess: I’ve always wanted to start a podcast, and as a child, I had a “radio show” called Radio Rox. Speaking is something I have always been better at than writing. With a fair few years spent in retail recruitment, I have experience of interviewing people so having a chat-style show was the obvious choice for me. The show has run for two seasons, with season three coming at some point this year, and I interview small business owners, business experts and specialists about their business journies as well as advice for those starting out.
I think if you have a point of difference to offer and you think you have a captive audience, then yes you should start a podcast. However it isn’t for everyone, some people are better at writing and others at speaking, a word to the wise, recording, editing and uploading is time intensive, so I recommend you record several episodes and edit them before you set the first one live, people love a binge listen.

NakedPRGirl: Who in the industry inspires you?

Sam Burgess: I’m inspired by those that have made waves in their industry, women like Karen Brady, Mary Portas and Holly Tucker are who I look up to.

NakedPRGirl: How do you split your time between business and real life?

Sam Burgess: It all kind of merges into one, I love what I do and don’t see it as work. When you are your brand, a big part of becoming a personality is to share insights on your life – which means normal mundane things, become work too. However I never see it as a chore, and every day I am grateful to all I have achieved and to those who make it possible – my community!

NakedPRGirl: Do you have a motto or mantra that you live by?

Sam Burgess: “If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

NakedPRGirl: Where would you like to be in ten years time?

Sam Burgess: I’d like to be speaking at major conferences and events Globally, sharing my knowledge and helping small businesses worldwide to thrive.

Find out more about Sam –
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Chelsea in Bloom Summer of Love & Frida's Belgravia in Bloom 2018

Chelsea in Bloom Summer of Love & Frida’s Belgravia in Bloom 2018

Chelsea in Bloom and Belgravia in Bloom for Chelsea Flower Show have been growing in popularity over the years with big brands and small boutiques alike taking part each May to capitalise on increased footfall from the event. The great thing is, it looks like a multi coloured flower explosion around the streets of London and we couldn’t be happier! All of my favourite displays are external and outrageous because small, dainty and internal doesn’t have the same standout. Here’s what to look out for.

NakedPR Girl - Chelsea Flower Show, Summer of Love Royal Wedding London, 2018


Chelsea in Bloom
We are ALL surfing on a cloud of love right now following the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle so it is apt that this year Chelsea in Bloom celebrates a Summer of Love with streets around Sloane Square bursting with joy! A huge floral diamond ring can be found on Pavillion Road and a bright summery yellow heart of sunflowers can be found next to Duke of York Square. Hackett have a rose covered London bus hanging out of the window with an H&M (and that ain’t the clothing line) on the back. Rag & Bone has a rainbow of an archway which was installed by Harper & Toms in Notting Hill with all kinds of real flowers above the door which are refreshed every day. La Perla features two delicate floral swans kissing out of the front of the shop whereas Red Valentino has a huge sign spelling out ‘LOVE’ and Sarah Chapman at Skinesis have a mirror with a floral surrounds and Parisian style love locks with messages of empowerment on them. A retro 70s vibe surrounds Moyses Stevens on Pavillion Road and with their oversize flower in a plant pot and VW Camper Van, flower power at Kiki McDonough and a psychedelic display at Monica Vinader.

Belgravia in Bloom
Elizabeth Street has an entirely different event to celebrate as this year Grosvenor are sponsoring this years Frida Kahlo exhibition so the theme for Belgravia in Bloom so retailers are celebrating the Mexican artist. DONNA IDA has oversize blooms bursting out of a pair of jeans which was installed by Dickinson & Doris to go along with their Feeling Frida Tee designed with artist Alison Carmichael. Moyses Stevens have a bright Frida inspired rainbow coloured display and around the corner at Ecclestone Yard they’ve decorated a huge mural designed by Zabou with decorated flowers. Les Senteurs have added a fresh lemon tree to the outside and Dickinson & Doris also installed a new bee-themed wisteria covered frontage to Instagram favourite Peggy Porschen.

There are many more treats so go and discover!
Chelsea in Bloom
Belgravia in Bloom

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Claire was very well liked by the press and they felt very happy and comfortable with her, so much so that they were just as happy going to Claire as they were coming to me. We developed a press strategy of one-to-one appointments and special evening press dinners to encourage exclusivity with exceptional results.

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